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What are the Costs of Sewer Repairs in Spokane

While sewer repairs were once more expensive due to heavy excavation, with Vietzke Trenchless, we offer a more affordable range of repair costs and options.

There is a huge variance in the cost of sewer line repairs in Spokane Washington. The variance for sewer line repairs in 2018 can range from $979 to $4600. Part of the wide cost variance is due to the range of repair or replacement choices. The main thing to remember is that the sooner the building owner addresses the noticed symptoms, generally, the lower the repair cost and time estimates.

A sewer camera inspection is used to determine the cause of the pipeline symptoms. The camera is fed into or robotically moved through the pipeline. The camera relays video feed to our expert technician on the surface. Our team member uses this efficient method to clearly identify the cause and location of the symptoms.

How We Fix Problems In Sewer Pipes

Should a blockage be located during diagnostics, hydro jetting can be performed. Hydro scrubbing utilizes very high-pressured water to quickly scour the pipeline clean.

If small cracks are found, a cured in place pipe lining can be performed. A liner coated with an epoxy resin is inserted into the cracked pipeline and inflated. After allowing a few hours for hardening and curing, the liner is deflated and removed. This process leaves behinds a new, durable pipeline seamless pipeline.

Larger cracks are often created by smaller tree roots taking advantage of a small pipeline crack, growing with the water source provided, then expanding and further breaking the pipeline. These breaks require a pipe replacement process called pipe bursting. While still a relatively speedy repair, pipe bursting definitely takes more time that hydro scrubbing or pipe lining. That is why Vietzke Trenchless advises creating a sewer pipeline maintenance inspection schedule for your building. Let us help you by inspecting your pipeline to prevent larger pipeline issues and their corresponding unfortunate symptoms.

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Vietzke Trenchless is a family owned business. We have a team of dedicated and experienced technicians ready to solve any of your sewer pipeline concerns. Call us now for a consultation.

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