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A blockage in your sewer line can be a very serious issue. Most often, clogs are formed due to the accumulation of dirt, grease and grime along the walls of the sewer line, slowly constricting the flow of water. When solids get trapped in the sticky residue, it further compounds the problem until the flow of water is completely blocked. Sometimes, these clogs are impervious to traditional methods of drain cleaning like augers, either because they are simply too tough or they are located beyond the reach of such tools. In such cases, hydrojetting is required to clear away the blockage.

Water, under very high pressure, is sent through the sewer pipe blasting through even the toughest of clogs. As the water rushes through the pipe, it scrapes away virtually all of the built-up gunk and residue along the inside of the line. Hydrojetting is even an effective way of getting rid of invasive roots from nearby trees have grown into the sewer line.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Pipe Bursting

If your sewer or water line has grown old and needs to be replaced, Vietzke Trenchless offers a way to complete the task without having to do extensive digging on your property. The procedure, known as pipe bursting, uses a special tool designed to break apart the old pipe and push away its fragments into the surrounding soil, making room for the new pipe that gets simultaneously pulled behind it.

In addition to the obvious benefits of not having to severely disrupt your yard to do the job, this method is also faster and requires fewer workers to complete, so it is generally less expensive than traditional methods.

Emergency Services

If your sewer line or water line problems have resulted in flooding inside your home or another emergency situation, you can be comforted with the knowledge that the staff at Vietzke Trenchless are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to quickly and efficiently respond to these kinds of emergencies.

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