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Leaking Pipe Repair in Washington

A cold winter blows in, and homeowners across Spokane, Washington and the surrounding areas rush to ensure their pipes are well-insulated. The last thing a homeowner wants to experience is leaking pipes. Leaking pipe systems can cause lasting damage if not diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible. Vietzke Trenchless provides professional pipe services for the Spokane area, and specializes in fixing problems related to leaking sewer and water lines. Our fast, reliable and cost-effective services aim to keep your pipe systems healthy, functional, and efficient, and keep your home and business running smoothly.

Leaking pipes can appear for a variety of reasons – cold weather which can cause freezing and cracking, aging or shoddy pipe systems that have corroded or separated at the joints, or the slow but inevitable invasion of tree roots exploring your pipes.

Symptoms of Leaking Pipes

Paying attention to potential symptoms signaling leaking pipes is crucial for proper prevention and maintenance. Leaking pipes can be detected in a variety of ways, and when symptoms are caught early can prevent escalating damage to your home and property. When pipes are leaking, you may begin to notice pooling of water and depressions on your lawn. In worst case scenarios, an offset pipe or leak may cause drain back-ups and flooding, or water damage and staining on your ceilings or walls. Whistling or clanking noises coming from your Spokane sewer and drain system can also signal a leak as high pressure water moves through small holes or cracked pipes, or pipe joints loosen and move apart. Sudden low water pressure or a strangely high water bill may also signify a loss of water somewhere within your pipe system.

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Leak Detection Services

Our team at Vietzke Trenchless first verifies and confirms leaking sewer and drain pipes with leak detection services. This high tech method uses technology that can identify the smallest pinhole leaks. Our professional staff is expertly trained to quickly assess and understand the condition of your pipes.

Repairing and Restoring Your Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are fixed using two innovative and minimally invasive methods which are often vastly more cost effective and efficient than traditional methods of pipe repair which excavate and replace whole sections of pipe, tearing up your yard and home for weeks on end. All of our trenchless equipment can fix leaking pipes via a single, small point of entry. This equipment injects an inflatable liner soaked with resin along a length of pipe, and inflates it to coat the entire length of the pipe, filling and fixing cracks and leaks with a new long-lasting and smooth resin liner. Prior to this fix, we also thoroughly clean your piping systems to ensure resin adhesion using powerful streams of water from our hydro jetting equipment, which has the added benefit of removing organic build-up and mineral deposits from your pipe system.

This point repair process has the benefits of being cheaper, less invasive, quicker, and more environmentally friendly than more traditional methods of pipe cleaning and repair. If you are experiencing symptoms of leaking pipes, Vietzke Trenchless would love to provide a fast, friendly, and reliable cost estimate of point repair for your pipe systems.

If you have one or more leaking pipes in your home and you need professional attention, call us at 509-244-9607 today for 247 service and a free estimate.

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