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Making the Shift From Well to City Water

After weighing all of the pros and cons of their options, many property owners opt to switch from well service to city water when it is available in their area. Some of the reasons for choosing water hook-up in Spokane, WA include:

  • Water safety – city water is treated and tested regularly for contaminants and bacteria. Well water, on the other hand, is more susceptible to contamination from chemicals, pollutants and other contaminants leaching into the groundwater.
  • Low maintenance – well water should be tested on a regular basis for contaminants and bacteria. If bacteria are found, the well must be thoroughly treated to restore it.
  • Less peripheral equipment needed – wells often require additional equipment like pumps, pressure tanks, and filtration systems. These also require regular maintenance and occasional repairs or replacement.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Connecting to the City Water Supply Without Digging

Vietzke Trenchless can quickly and cost-effectively connect your home or commercial establishment to the local city water supply without the need for digging up long trenches on your property. Our expert crews use a method known as pipe boring to drill the underground tunnel where the pipe will be placed. With only two small holes dug at either end of where the pipe will be placed, our specialized equipment will first drill a pilot path using a steerable drill head with a sensitive location and guidance system. Next, the path is enlarged to the appropriate diameter for the new pipe, which can then be pulled through the opening and connected.

With this technology, above-ground obstacles like porches paved driveways and fences are not an issue and do not need to be disturbed. In most cases, the job can be completed within a few hours with fewer workers, which is far more quickly than conventional methods. That makes this solution less expensive as well as being less obtrusive than traditional methods.

With over six decades of excavation experience, Vietzke Trenchless is the local authority on underground infrastructure challenges, ranging from sewer line repairs to sewer camera inspections and water supply hook-ups.

To get a free, no-obligation quote from Vietzke Trenchless for water hook-up to your Spokane home or commercial building, call us now or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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