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Drain cleaning can be a difficult and headache-inducing event for most homeowners. Usually, it is solved by a plunger or simple drain cleaner but when that fails to get the job done, it is time to call for a professional. At Vietzke Trenchless, our team of highly trained service technicians know just how to solve your pipe line problems.

The Drain Cleaning Methods We Offer to St. Maries, Idaho Residents & Business Owners

Professional drain cleaning ensures pipes are thoroughly cleaned and no damage is taking place while trying to eliminate the blockage. Our team first starts with placing a sewer camera into your pipe lines for inspection. In doing so, the cameras are able to travel through the pipe lines to scout out any potential problems and where they are located. This can be extremely beneficial to home and business owners due to the cameras finding silent problems that haven’t caused issues yet, but may well do so in the future.

After cameras have shown the problem, our team will officially diagnose your sewer line. We then will ensure the right method to use on your drains for maximum efficiency. There are different methods used on varying levels of difficult blockages. Every home or businesses sewage lines and situations are unique, so taking time to ensure which one will solve it most efficiently is key.

The first method is drain snaking. These snakes are flexible but become rigid when confronted by a blockage. This allows our team to clear the blockage thoroughly. This is usually the chosen method for hair or grease blockages to remove them entirely. Our team will then help you understand what measures can be taken to prevent clogs like this in the future. Proper maintenance and care of pipes can lead to long periods without clogs or eliminating them from happening entirely.

The second route our team can take is to use hydro jetting. Tree root infestations or a build-up of debris can be difficult to puncture through with drain snakes and can be time consuming. Hydro jetting can clear these types of difficult blockages in minutes thanks to pressurized water being sprayed into the line to completely eliminate the clog or infestation. Both hydro jetting and drain snaking use no harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes over time, especially pipes that were made in much earlier years. This protects the environment and provides a quick acting solution that can bring normalcy back into your home.

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At Vietzke, we know how to solve pipeline troubles and get your home or business back to proper working order. Our caring team will be able to schedule you with one of our highly trained technicians. With many years in the business and a expertise in trenchless technologies, we will have your home up and running back to normal in a matter of hours. Give us a call today.

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