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There are various symptoms that can indicate a clog has formed in your pipes. If the flow of water down the drain seems sluggish or you can hear gurgling sounds coming from the pipes, this is most likely due to the presence of debris blocking the flow of water. If you find any of these symptoms in your home, contact Vietzke Trenchless for a professional cleaning.

Why Drain Cleaning?

Clogs are often small, confined problems in your pipes that won’t require pipe repair or replacement. This doesn’t mean that clogs can be ignored, as they can easily become a significant problem. Clogs can potentially cause the pipes to break or crack because of the pressure clogs can create inside of them by preventing proper flow. With cast iron or clay pipes, the buildup of water can cause rust to form and erode the pipes quickly. Our team of professionals are well-equipped to handle these complex situations and provide a quick fix.

How We Do Drain Cleaning

Depending on the severity of the clog, we have a few different solutions that we will employ. If the clog is rather small and easy to fix, we use the cabling method. We insert a plastic rod, or snake, into the pipes and locate the clog. Our rod dislodges the clog and breaks it apart, restoring the flow of your pipes. This service can be done within your home, and after we’re done, we’ll run some water down the drains to clear it and ensure that the pipe flow is back to normal. For more serious clogs that can’t be removed with a snake, such as thick tree roots or large clogs, we use the hydro jetting technique. This method involves sending highly pressurized water into the pipes to clear them out. This process is eco-friendly, using chemical-free water to forcefully remove the clog without damaging the interior of your pipes either.

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Our team of experts can handle any problem, and we are a local team that offers transparency and free estimates for our customers. We are upfront with any problems that may arise during the cleaning process, and our goal is to keep you involved. If you have any issues in Yakima, Washington, call us and we will be happy to assist you with your drain cleaning needs.

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