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Sewer Camera Inspection in Spokane, Washington

Your home is your castle, so there’s nothing worse than encountering damaging (and usually expensive) disasters in the electric lines, heating or AC systems, or other crucial parts of your house. Sewer systems are one of the most important components in home maintenance, but are frequently overlooked until serious problems arise. Let Vietzke take the mystery out of your sewer system with our sewer camera inspections.

These inspections utilize cutting-edge technology to obtain the most accurate appraisal of your plumbing system’s problem, and pinpoint where it is located in your home or building. An HD camera is threaded into the pipe at a small access point by a Vietzke team member, where it obtains clear images of any clogs, breaks, loose fittings, or other problems. The clarity of these images also allows our engineer to provide sound options to you on how best to proceed and solve the issue. This saves both time and money for our customers as it removes any guesswork from the equation, providing a comprehensive and concise diagnosis and ensuring that the solution will be accurate and long-lasting.

Sewer camera inspections are performed prior to any maintenance request we receive to ensure the quality of your service is as high as possible while its duration remains short. However, there may be additional reasons to request a camera inspection. While our sewer camera inspections are necessary during emergency repairs, our services are offered outside of these situations to ensure that our customers are satisfied and comfortable with the quality of their sewer system.

About Vietzke Trenchless

If you’re considering buying a new home, ordering a sewer camera inspection is a great idea. Though typical home inspections cover most aspects of assessing a building’s age and value, the sewer system is not included in this comprehensive examination. All pipes, regardless of their material or what they’re used for, have a natural lifespan, which can be drastically shortened depending on the actions of the previous owner (for example, disposing of kitchen grease into pipes can seriously clog them and lead to further damage). Without knowing the true state of your new home’s sewer system, you could be facing a hefty expense soon after the already considerable expenditure of purchasing a house!

Regular maintenance for your pipes, including a camera inspection, is also important. While other aspects of your building or home receive more frequent attention (such as roofing or insulation) plumbing is often neglected until sewage backup, slow drains, overflowing toilets, or other problems occur. With regular check-ups, you save yourself unexpected and potentially devastating costs down the line. Additionally, Vietzke provides a discount on camera inspections if they are combined with any of our other services.

With a branch in Spokane and multiple locations across Washington and Idaho, our skilled plumbing system engineers are available at any time to assist you in your sewer system needs. Our goal is your satisfaction, provided by us in a professional, knowledgeable manner. Call us today for a consultation and sewer camera inspection – you won’t be disappointed!

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