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Sewer Camera Inspection

If your yard is full of water, there’s a spot on the ceiling from an unknown leak, or water is just not draining from somewhere it’s probably time to have your pipes inspected. Instead of wondering where the issue is, have a video sewer camera inspection performed to diagnose the issue immediately. Pipes and sewer lines can be tricky, especially since we can’t see the majority of the system itself. When there is a problem, traditional methods would call for us to dig up the area above the pipes to get to them just for a cleaning or a small repair. Now, professionals such as Vietzke Trenchless can view your St Maries, Idaho pipes firsthand without ever physically touching them.

Thanks to video sewer camera inspections, we are able to access the pipes internally and do a full evaluation of them. This will help not only fix current issues, but can be used for preventative maintenance, cleanings, and replacements as well.

Sewer Camera Inspections at Vietzke Trenchless

This method of trenchless sewer technology allows us to get a full view of your sewer lines. The tools include a flexible drain hose that maneuvers through the pipes easily. Attached to the end is a built-in high-definition camera that is able to capture clear video and photos of the entire track of your system. With this footage, our technicians can determine exactly what your system needs. Whether it’s a repair, cleaning, or total replacement, there are trenchless options available for all of your maintenance needs.

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When should you have an inspection done and why?

If you’re experiencing recurring issues such as clogging or leaks, there may be a bigger, underlying issue within the pipes. This will call for a larger initiative, but with our inspection, we can diagnose any problems that exist and inform your of your pipeline’s condition. The inspections allow us to pinpoint exactly where the problems lie, making it easier to fix by knowing exactly where we are working and exactly what needs to be done.

Inspections are also great as preventative measures. If there is a crack in your pipes, you might not even know about it yet, but if it is left unattended it could grow and lead to large leaks that may cause issues that could lead to cracking and breakage, which will call for a more expensive fix.

Evaluating Your Pipes After Work is Completed

Did you recently have work done by another professional and want to see the outcome of it? Our inspections can be used before and after work to ensure that the job is done right the first time. After cleanings, such as hydro jetting services, we are able to clearly see the pipes once the layers of buildup and grime are removed. Once they are cleaned, we are able to provide advice on how often the system should be cleaned and an estimate of how long we predict the system will last and when you may be due for a total replacement. This will help better prepare for this financial investment and not be caught off guard.

Inspections in St. Maries, ID are recommended annually to continue with the upkeep of your system. If you are in need of an inspection or are experiencing issues with you system, call Vietzke Trenchless Plumbing to schedule your inspection appointment today.

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