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Sewer Line Repair in Pasco, Washington

If you live in Pasco and are experiencing complications with your sewer system, don’t hesitate to call our team at Vietzke for assistance. We provide affordable, fast, and eco-friendly solutions for your sewer line repair needs, and we are proud to offer an effective, trenchless alternative to the conventional repair methods of the past.

The Sewer Line Repair Process

Sewer line repairs were traditionally associated with digging massive trenches across properties to give the workers access to remove and replace portions of the pipeline. This dig-and-replace method of repairs took weeks to complete, with the added downside of creating major collateral damage across a customer’s landscaping and home, something that they would need to hire restoration crews to fix. In addition, this older process had the potential to release dangerous toxins into the air supply, creating health hazards for homeowners and their families. At Vietzke, we have moved away from these unfavorable repair methods in favor of trenchless sewer line repair, an innovative process made possible through the advancements of technology. Through our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining methods, we can preserve the integrity of your home while offering powerful solutions that are far more effective and long-lasting.

In this process, our technicians will visit your home to inspect your sewer pipes. We use a small waterproof camera to evaluate your sewer pipes. The camera travels into your sewer pipes and provides our technicians with a live view of the pipes. This allows us to determine if the sewer lines can be repaired most effectively through CIPP. Our technicians will pull a resin lined epoxy into your sewer pipes using two access points. Once the epoxy is in place, the technician will inflate it to adopt the diameter of the inside of the damaged pipe, forcing the epoxy resin to coat and adhere to the inner walls. Our technician will let the lining harden in place for the next couple of hours, and once it hardens, it forms a new pipe inside your old one and acts as the new pipeline. Even if the old pipe disintegrates, the new pipe is durable enough to last for several more decades on its own.

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The Benefits of Sewer Line Repair

At Vietzke, we have enhanced the process of sewer line repairs by incorporating modern technology, allowing the process to take less than a day to complete. You don’t need to clear out day or weeks of your schedule for sewer line repair at your home in Pasco. Our sewer line repair is affordable, and we provide a lifetime warranty on our sewer line repair. The materials and processes used in CIPP are long-lasting and won’t cause you any trouble for the years to come, making our sewer line repair process is the least disruptive process in the industry. With our methods of sewer line repairs, the sewer lines will be protected against future tree root infestations because there are no joints or weak points for the roots to exploit. In addition, the process is eco-friendly because of the minimal digging required to install CIPP liners, making this process far more desirable and popular than past repair methods.

Looking for a sewer line repair company in Pasco? Call Vietzke today for all of your repair and replacement needs, and we look forward to working with you.

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