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Septic systems are usually installed during the new construction process. On occasion, an old septic tank that comes with an old house wears out and also needs replacing. At Vietzke Trenchless, we are experts when it comes to reliable septic tank installation Spokane Valley, WA.

What To Know About Septic Tanks Before They Are Installed

There are multiple restrictions for where a septic tank and its leach field can be placed by your excavation contractor in Spokane Valley, WA. This is important knowledge for the homeowner who may be planning for a future building or landscaping improvements. For example, if a porch or deck is being considered for installation, our specialists will recommend that the supports for the deck must be five feet away from the leach field edges.

We also factor in how close the deck supports are to the septic tank because large machinery might be needed forty years down the road to remove and replace the current tank. Access to the septic tank by such machinery when choosing the location of new trees during general landscaping is also needed when planning a septic installation in Spokane Valley, WA to prevent the running over of shrubs or scraping by tree trunks decades in the future.

When the layout of the field or yard is being designed, we are mindful to avoid having trucks or large machinery traveling over the top of the septic tank or leach field. These actions can either damage the tank underground or compress the soil in the leach field enough to suppress the soil’s absorption rate, causing your septic system in Spokane Valley, WA to fail.

When in the planning stages for a new build, carefully consider the maximum number of bedrooms and people you may have staying in the house. A two-bedroom home with square footage up to 1500 feet requires a 750-gallon septic tank. A three-bedroom home with square footage up to 2500 feet requires a 1000-gallon tank. Homes with four or five bedrooms and square footage up to 4500 feet require a 1250-gallon tank. Future plans must be balanced against the current expected flow in the septic tank for the best septic system operation. Whatever your property’s needs are, Vietzke Trenchless can provide you with top-quality septic tank services in Spokane Valley, WA.

How We Install Septic Tanks In Spokane Valley

When we install septic systems on properties, the septic tank will generally be placed ten feet away from the home’s foundation. The leach field will be approximately 20 feet from the house. The septic system must be placed 100 feet from any wells or streams, and twenty-five feet from any dry gulches. The same rules apply for a septic tank replacement in Spokane Valley, WA.

It is important to note that homeowner insurance policies typically do not cover septic systems, whether for a septic tank repair in Spokane Valley, WA, or other septic services. That is another reason why Vietzke Trenchless supports careful consideration of many factors during the home and field or yard planning stages. Careful planning, in the beginning, prevents headaches in the future.

There is more than one type of septic tank to choose from. Depending upon local regulations that may limit the options, septic tanks are produced from three different materials. Each material type has its own life expectancy depending on its durability. Some examples include:

  • Steel tanks (20-30 years)
  • Plastic tanks (40 years)
  • Concrete tanks (40+ years)

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