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Spokane Tree Root Removal Services

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One of the hidden causes of serious clogs and burst pipes that many homeowners don’t know about is tree roots. Everything may look wonderful above ground, but underneath there could be tree roots gravitating toward your pipes, on the verge of causing a serious problem. Vietzke Trenchless Inc. has been solving plumbing issues in the Spokane, WA area since 1948, and we can help.

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Why Tree Roots are a Problem

Did you know that tree roots will grow toward your underground pipes because they crave the nutrients in the wastewater? These nutrients and the water itself help trees and shrubs to grow, and the roots can crowd pipes, eventually penetrating them and getting inside. Problems such as clogged pipes, damaged pipes, and cracked septic tanks can all be caused by unruly tree roots looking for nutrition.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Professional Tree Root Removal

If roots are causing an issue with your pipes, a professional solution is the only way to ensure they are removed safely and efficiently. One of the methods we use to pinpoint the location of invasive tree roots is camera pipe inspection. As the camera is sent into the pipe, the technician can find out where the problem is and how much damage has been caused, in the least invasive way possible.

Effective methods used by Vietzke Trenchless Inc. for removing tree roots include using a drain snaking auger and hydro jetting. The rotating auger at the end of a drain snake is capable of slicing roots and clearing the way, and if that’s not enough, high-pressure water jetting will get the job done. This method uses powerful blasts of water to obliterate everything in its path, without causing damage to the pipe.

What If the Damage Has Been Done?

If tree roots have already caused damage to your pipes, we must make the necessary repairs, so your plumbing system is back to normal once the roots are removed. Depending on the exact location and severity of the damage, we may dig a trench in the traditional way, or use the more modern trenchless method of pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair is far less invasive, utilizing sophisticated equipment, and will be used whenever possible.

Don’t let tree roots cause massive water damage on your property. If you suspect a problem, call us now at 509-244-9607 for a quick, affordable solution.

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