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Sewer Camera Inspection in Kennewick Washington

Hidden a few feet under the ground, sewers never cross anyone’s mind until they present a problem. By that time the only option is to find an emergency plumbing service to help out. If you are in the Kennewick, Washington area, you can call Vietzke Trenchless to come to your rescue. We are a team of water and sewer experts who can solve all kinds of domestic and commercial plumbing emergencies and help maintain the drainage system, so the probability of emergencies is low. Our experienced plumbers are available 247 to respond to any call and will arrive fully equipped to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution to it.

Prevent the Problem

But before you go into emergency mode, wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent the sewer problem? Here’s how we help you do it:

The first step to this is inspecting the sewer system in the building and outside to identify the cause of the leak or backing-up of sewer water.

Our team will locate the entry point of the sewer system and insert a flexible tube into the pipe. A high-resolution camera affixed to the tube transmits live feed to a monitor above ground. Close observation of the feed allows our team to look for cracks, holes or blockages. Once the plumbers identify the problem, the plumbers above ground will pinpoint the exact location with the help of signals transmitted by the camera.

About viezke trenchless

A flexible tube is a good option for shorter pipe lengths but for longer pipes, a remotely controlled “tractor” will carry the camera through the pipes. This tractor is also sent into the pipe from the entry point, and once the problem is located, the technician operating the tractor reverses it out of the pipe and lifts it out.

For us at Vietzke Trenchless, starting work with sewer camera inspection is a must. It helps our plumbers to figure out what is wrong within the sewer system and what the best solution to the problem is. This in turns allows us to give the clients an accurate quote and time frame for the job.  That way, there are no hidden costs and surprises waiting for the customer at the end of a job.

Apart from using sewer camera inspection for locating problems within the pipes, we also use the technology to gauge the conditions of the pipes from within. We can tell clients if they need to think about repairing or rehabilitating pipes to avoid a bigger problem. We can also recommend when pipes need cleaning due to accumulated dirt or when root balls are forming within the pipe, both of which can lead to sewers backing up. We have also helped clients recover jewelry that accidentally fell down the drain!

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Vietzke Trenchless has been in the business since 1948 and has built a reputation for great customer care, reliable work. You can call us on 509-244-9607.

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