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Hydrojetting Trenchless Blocked Sewer Line Vietzke

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Washington Hydrojetting Services

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Nobody likes having a clog in their drains. They can create a messy and unpleasant backup of wastewater into your home. Clogs like these are usually caused by a buildup over time of solids like grease, food, hair and other organic materials. Clogs can also be the result of a foreign object accidentally sent down your drain.

Most common household clogs can be cleared away either with the use of store-bought drain cleaning products or specialized tools like snakes and augers. Clogs that are more difficult or ones that are located beyond the reach of augers require more serious measures.

What Is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is the use of pressurized water sent down the drain and sewer line to remove debris, clogs and obstructions. Our service technicians are experts in the use of the specialized equipment used to send water up to 4000 pounds per square inch of pressure through the pipes. As the water surges through the pipes, it clears away any accumulated debris, grime and clogs. Hydrojetting is also an effective method for removing tree roots that may have grown into your sewer line.

Hydrojetting Septic System Emergencies and Repair

Do You Need Hydrojetting For Your Clog?

Not all clogged drains and sewer lines require hydrojetting. Most clogs can be cleared away by one of our professionals using traditional methods like augers, even if store-bought drain cleaning products have proven ineffective.

The determination of whether hydrojetting will be required should be left up to a professional. We may use specialized equipment like, video camera inspection of the sewer line to locate and determine the nature of your clog in order to recommend the best possible solution.

Hydrojetting For Commercial Establishments

Many businesses schedule hydrojetting services on an annual basis as a preventative measure to keep their drains and sewer lines flowing smoothly. Such a practice is an excellent idea, particularly for establishments that prepare or process food, such as restaurants or hotels, since they are more vulnerable to super clogs because of the large amounts of fats and grease that travel into their sinks. Many business owners have determined that the expense of this kind of preventative maintenance is far preferable to the disastrous effects that a clogged sewer line may have on their revenue and their reputation.

If you have a clog that you suspect may require pressure drain cleaning services, don’t hesitate. Call the local Spokane pros at Vietzke Trenchless at 509-244-9607 today to book an appointment.

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