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There are countless blogs and YouTube videos dedicated to do-it-yourself plumbing advice. However, attempting to clean your own drains could make the problem much worse, due to many homeowners’ erroneous beliefs about plumbing.

Drain Cleaning Myths in Walla Walla, Washington

At Vietzke Trenchless Inc., we’ve been in business in the Spokane area since 1948, so we’ve handled every type of plumbing problem. In this blog, we’ll explain the reality behind some of homeowners’ most common misconceptions about drain cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Drains only need cleaning when they don’t work.
    The biggest fallacy about drain cleaning is that it’s only necessary after a problem occurs. However, the reality about drain cleaning is that it’s intended to be a preventive measure that keeps pipes healthy by stopping problems before they happen. By regularly having an experienced professional check the performance of drains, homeowners can save money and time.

  2. All clogs are the same.
    No two clogs are created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to resolving clogs effectively. Various factors that affect how to handle a clog include the nature of the material that created the blockage, the pipe material and configuration and the home’s water pressure.

  3. All plumbers are the same.
    Related to point No. 2 is the fact that not all plumbers are universally capable of resolving the same plumbing problems. Plumbing companies have different capabilities, equipment and levels of experience, and not every plumber specializes in drain cleaning. When faced with a clog, homeowners should do their research to find the best company to fit their drain-cleaning needs.   

  4. Commercial drain cleaners are just as effective as a plumber.
    This idea isn’t just wrong, it’s downright dangerous. The main thing that helps commercial drain cleaning liquids dissolve clogs is a combination of highly toxic, extremely corrosive chemicals that basically eat through anything they come into contact with – including pipes and fixtures. Frequent, long-term reliance on chemical drain cleaners can destroy pipes to the point of collapse, turning a minor drain problem into a full-blown plumbing emergency.  

  5. It’s impossible to prevent clogs.
    Clogs are not just a fact of life that every homeowner will have to deal with sooner or later. There are many preventive measures a smart homeowner can take to reduce the risk of clog formation. One effective, inexpensive technique is to purchase a drain screen to catch hair and debris before it has a chance to get stuck in the drain. Another method is to always run water every time you use the garbage disposal to prevent waste buildup.

  6. Professional drain cleaning is too expensive.
    Finally, many Walla Walla homeowners choose to avoid calling a drain cleaning professional due to a mistaken belief that it will put a big dent in their bank account. However, professional and meticulous drain cleaning often costs a fraction of what’s anticipated, while simultaneously improving a home’s plumbing function and reducing the risk of larger, more expensive repairs in the future. If your drain is clogged to the point that it requires professional attention, a thorough, quality cleaning can improve your drain’s performance and ensure a longer service life.

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