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Sewer Repair in Walla Walla, Washington

Americans want the best and they want it fast. These days there are quicker and better ways to repair sewer systems without the time and mess of digging trenches. Trenchless pipe repair can reduce time, cost, and mess of traditional repairs without compromising quality.

Thankfully, the days of tearing up lawns and damaging pavement are over. Cutting edge technology allows for the replacement of underground pipes with very little disturbance to your life.

These benefits speak for themselves:

Minimal landscaping damage

When you focus on a new patio, a flawless garden, and the perfect amount of flowers then you most definitely do not want any damage done to this exterior of your home when repairing the inner workings. Sewer repair does not have to result in an upfront cost as well as repair costs. Trenchless technology uses minimal digging and therefore your garden stays intact.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Better quality and function

Trenchless pipe repairs put in cured-in-place liners or seamless Polyethylene piping, providing better quality piping material for long-term benefits. In addition to this, the trenchless pipe liners can increase flow capacity, helping the pipes to last longer and preventing future clogs. You can rest easy that you won’t have to worry about a burst pipe in the near future.

Painless Sewer repair is not nearly as painful as it once was on both your home and your wallet. Your home will stay damage free and you won’t have to worry about being able to afford that vacation in the next couple of months.

It’s not about sacrificing repairs for more favorable things anymore when the technology allows for longer lasting and cost efficient repairs. We do not need as much equipment or as big of a crew to repair your sewer line with this method.

Less Invasive

The time is gone where you have to worry about looking over the plumber’s shoulder to make sure he hasn’t smashed your garden or cracked your driveway. We are not going to dip up any of your property in order to fix the problems happening underground of your beautiful home.

Maintain your property

You work hard and spend your money on the upkeep of your home and we understand it can be unpleasant having to repair something that you never think about. There seems to be no obvious benefit but we assure you that by repairing your sewer system before it turns into an emergency is the best thing you can possibly do.


After we inspect your pipes, the pipes have to be accessed from the shallowest point in order to complete the repair. The pipe from which we have access is then flushed out with hydro-jetter and any remaining debris are cleared out with a mechanical plumbing snake.

Vietzke Trenchless is your neighborhood solution. We are local and we are family.

Since 1948 we’ve been providing excellent service and professional expertise to the local community and surrounding areas. As a business run by three generations of family, we consider our customers to be our neighbors and friends.

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