Septic Tank Maintenance and Installations In St. Maries, ID

Septic Tank installation and repair

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Septic Tank Maintenance and Installations

The biggest mistake St. Maries, Idaho septic tank users can make is not taking proper care of them. Working together with a professional company such as Vietzke Trenchless and taking advantage of our professional maintenance and installation services is a great way to ensure your septic system keeps running smoothly. Pair that with practicing proper water usage techniques, and septic tanks are a great asset to homeowners who might not be otherwise able to have plumbing at their place of residential home.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Why get a new tank when you can repair and take care of your current one? Routine cleanings and following the guidelines on required pumping timeframes will leave your tank in good condition for decades to come and operating to its fullest potential. When tanks are pumped, inspectors will inspect the inside of the tank to evaluate the amount of sludge that has built up over the months. There are a few things that can determine the maximum amount of time that should be in between pumpings. One factor is the amount of residents in the household. More people in a house will lead to more water usage and waste. Another factor is the size of the tank. Naturally, the larger the tank, the more it can hold. However, that is not clearance to allow cleanings and pumpings to go for longer amounts of times as this will be detrimental to the tank’s condition.

How do cleanings and pumpings help extend the life of your tank?

The sludge that builds up inside a tank can lead to decay after long periods of time. This is why cleanings are critical. The toxins will eat away at the tank, causing leaks, holes, and breakage that could be eventually progress beyond repair and call for a total replacement. Repairs are always cheaper than total replacements, and preventative maintenance is cheaper than repairs. So taking care of your tank is critical.

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What can you do to help your tank stay healthy?

Believe it or not, your tank’s health is important to your health! If a tank is overflowing underground, the topsoil can become soaked with wastewater, which is toxic and can make someone sick if they come in contact with it. There are ways to ensure you are not overloading your tank before it’s time for a pumping. One of these things is monitoring water usage. Be smart about using your water. Don’t let the faucet run when it’s not being used, don’t wash smaller loads of clothes, and don’t shower for a long time. All that water is going to the tank and over the years, if you overuse, it will cause it to overflow. Another thing to monitor is what you’re washing down the drains. Food and paper products are for the trash when you have a septic tank. The more of those items that go down the toilet or drains, the faster buildup will occur.

If you’re already at a point where your tank is not fixable or you’re due for a replacement, Vietzke Trenchless are experts in installations as well. We can walk you through your options, perform a thorough inspection on your current tank to make sure that it needs replacement, and perform your installation for you. If you’re in need of an installation, repair, cleaning, or maintenance in St. Maries, ID call Vietzke Trenchless today.

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