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What kind of sewer repair is right for me?

At Vietzke Trenchless, we offer a wide array of solutions to solve your next plumbing problem.

  • Hydro jetting and drain cleaning: These services are performed when clogs of hair, kitchen grease, tree roots, or other materials occur. Considering that some clogs can be up to four feet in length, hiring a professional service is crucial. Cabling, or “snaking,” the drain will remove most clogs, including hair. For tougher debris, such as small- to medium-sized tree roots, hydro jetting is implemented. This is a jet of high-pressured water, forced into the pipe, which will strip away kitchen grease and break up tree roots.

  • Trenchless cured-in-place pipe lining: When the pipe itself has become degraded or corroded, trenchless pipe lining is a great solution. One of our Vietzke technician threads a deflated balloon coated in a tough epoxy resin into your pipe. At the repair site, the balloon is inflated, coating the interior of the pipe with the resin. Once cured, this becomes a new pipe liner. Suitable for straight, curved, and 90-degree angle pipes, its seamless construction means that leaky pipe fittings are a thing of the past. Additionally, unlike with metals and plastics, tree roots will be unable to use small cracks to force their way into your newly reinforced pipe.

  • Trenchless pipe bursting: Many older homes are equipped with smaller-gauge pipes that no longer accommodate modern water usage. Pipe bursting is used to install larger-gauge pipes, replace elderly plumbing systems, or fix heavily damaged systems that can’t be repaired with pipe lining. A bursting head travels along existing pipe, shattering it, while new pipe, attached to the back of the bursting head, is laid simultaneously.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Be pipe aware

There are a number of actions you can take as a home or business owner to mitigate or prevent plumbing disasters. Proper maintenance and upkeep is just as important for your pipes as it is for any other aspect of your building’s infrastructure, including insulation or keeping your chimney flue regularly cleaned. Regularly scheduled sewer pipe cleanings will go far towards keeping your system in top condition, but the following tips will also help in forestalling major repairs:

  • Place hair traps over shower drains and food traps over the drains in your kitchen sink.

  • Never place food, wet wipes, feminine products, or other detritus into your drains (even those “flushable” wipes).

  • Dispose of kitchen grease in the trash, not your drains. Try freezing it in tossable containers, then getting rid of it when you take out the garbage.

  • Never use commercial drain cleaners. Even if labeled as “drain safe,” they will corrode pipes, and will dramatically shorten their lifespan if used frequently.

If you encounter frequent problems, such as constantly clogged drains and toilets, gurgling pipes, or otherwise temperamental plumbing, it may be indicative of a larger issue. Contacting a Vietzke representative to schedule a sewer repair when the above happens will prevent full-blown plumbing disasters: raw sewage backing up into basements or backyards, toilets that refuse to work, shattered pipes, and extensive water damage.

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