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For a trustworthy local Kennewick trenchless water and sewer line repair and replacement expert, call the pros at Vietzke Trenchless at 509-244-9607.

Vietzke Trenchless is a local family-owned business that has built a strong reputation for quality and excellence since 1948. If you’re curious to read what kind of impression we made on other area residents, you can click here to visit our reviews page.

Cured-In-Place Pipe

If a sewer line is showing signs of breakdown or has developed leaks or cracks, cured–in–place pipe restoration can be an ideal way of addressing the problem.

A flexible, pre-measured tube is imbued with liquid resin, sealed shut at one end and loaded into an inversion chamber. The open end is clamped around the outside of the damaged pipe. Then, with the use of pressure, the tube is pushed through the pipe, turning inside out and pressing against the walls of the old pipe as it moves forward. The new lining molds to the shape of the existing pipe and can negotiate 90° bends. Once the resin has cured and hardened, the result is a smooth, solid and seamless pipe that is impermeable and durable.

Pipe Boring

If you are considering hooking up to local water or sewer service but don’t want to deal with digging up the ground around your property, you’ll really like the process known as pipe boring or horizontal directional drilling.

Using a drill head equipped with sensitive location and guidance technology, an underground pilot path from the entry point to the exit point is made. The loosened earth from the drilling is suspended in a liquid and hydraulically removed. Then, the pilot hole is widened to the appropriate diameter with the use of special reaming tools. Lastly, the new pipe is pulled through the underground path so that it can be connected.

In addition to having less of an impact on the environment, this procedure also reduces the risk of affecting or damaging other underground utilities.

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