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Sewer and drain systems play an important role in the function of your St. Maries home or business. Whether you are taking a shower, washing your clothes, or watering your lawn, your pipes are bringing water into the home and allowing wastewater to flow away from your home. If you are experiencing sewer and drain issues where water and waste are not flowing properly into and out of your home or business, it is time to call your local professionals at Vietzke Trenchless to assist you with your sewer repair. At Vietzke Trenchless, we understand that sewer accidents can happen to anyone, it can also be prevented with a variety of trenchless services. If you’re in the St. Maries area and you’re experiencing recurring sewer issues, call the experts at Vietzke Trenchless to help solve both immediate or long-term sewer problems.

Trenchless technologies present various forms of sewer repairs. Our team is able to treat sections or perform total replacements of your St. Maries pipelines internally without the need for excessive digging. Sewer repairs come in different forms to provide options that best suit the needs of each situation that is present.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Trenchless Sewer Lining in St. Maries, Washington

Sewer lining is a process that uses the old pipes as a molding structure for a new liner that is inserted into the pipe and forms to the inside of the old pipes. At Vietzke Trenchless, we provide St. Maries residents with the most effective sewer lining services in the area. The pipe lining process begins by performing a sewer camera inspection to see if the pipes are in the condition to need a sewer line repair. The repair will involved pushing a epoxy saturated liner through your pipeline. As the liner is pushed through your pipeline, it coats the interior walls of your pipe. When the walls of the pipeline are properly coated, the liner is left for the epoxy to harden in place. The cured-in-place process seals up any old cracks and leaks in the old system and the older pipes act as a barrier for the new ones. Once it hardens, it forms the pipe within your existing pipe.

Pipe Replacement for St. Maries Residents

At Vietzke Trenchless, we understand that pipe bursting will not work in all sewer repair situations. If your pipeline is collapsed, trenchless pipe bursting will be used to repair your pipeline. Pipe bursting involves a single bursting head moving through your collapsed pipe breaking it into pieces and pushing it into surrounding soil. As the bursting head moves through your pipes, it places a brand new pipe in-place of your old one. When the process is complete, a new pipe is set in place and ready to be fitted to your existing St. Maries pipe system.

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These sewer repair options are just a few of the trenchless services that are offered. Maintenance such as cleanings and inspections are also able to be done with trenchless technologies. With routine maintenance performed, you will be able to maintain the system to keep it fully functioning and all it to last as long as it’s lifespan should be. If you’re St. Maries home or business is experiencing issues or have an emergency problem, it’s time for an inspection to see if you’re due for some sewer repairs or replacements. If you’re located in the St. Maries area, call Vietzke Trenchless today to fulfill your service needs.

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