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When you need an outstanding Yakima sewer line repair or replacement company for your home or business, call the experts at Vietzke Trenchless at 509-244-9607.

With over six decades behind us, we have achieved an excellent reputation for service and quality with countless local residents. Click here to read some recent testimonials on our reviews page.

Pipe Bursting 101

If your water or sewer line needs to be replaced, a solution is available that does not necessitate digging up your yard to remove the old pipe and replace it with a new one. Instead, our service technicians will only need to dig two small holes at either end of where the pipe is to be replaced.

Using special equipment, a slightly larger steel cone-shaped tool is pulled through the old pipe. As it moves through the pipe, it breaks the old line apart and pushes aside the broken pieces. Meanwhile, it also brings the new pipe behind it. This replacement method is considerably faster, easier and less disruptive than the old ways of replacing water and sewer lines.

Septic Systems

A septic system is made up of two major parts: the septic tank and the drainfield. The septic tank is a watertight container designed to temporarily hold wastewater. While in the tank, oil and grease float to the surface, forming a layer of scum, while heavier solids turn into sludge and sink to the bottom where it can partially decompose.

The tank is designed to retain the scum and sludge, releasing only liquid into the drainfield. As new waste enters the tank, liquid waste is forced through the drainfield for percolation in the surrounding soil, which removes harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our service professionals are experienced with the workings of septic systems. We are your best choice for their installation, repair and maintenance, including pumping out the tank.

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Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

Often, it can be very useful to see what is going on inside your pipes. To achieve this, a small waterproof video camera mounted on the end of a flexible rod can be inserted into your drainpipes, sewer line or waterline in order to perform a thorough visual inspection. The camera is equipped with sensitive location technology, allowing us to pinpoint the exact spot where an issue may be found.

This technology is particularly beneficial when diagnosing a problem within the pipes in order to ascertain the best possible solution, or to inspect the line after a repair or replacement has been completed to ensure its reliability.

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