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Vietzke Trenchless is the area’s leading excavation specialist offering local homeowners and businesses cutting-edge solutions for any underground piping infrastructure problem. We’re very proud of the reputation for excellence that we have earned with our customers.

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What Is Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair?

Cured-in-place pipe, also known as CIPP, is a state-of-the-art method for repairing and restoring damaged or aging sewer lines that do not require extensive digging or trench work.

A flexible resin-saturated lining tube is inserted into the existing pipe using specialized technology. The pre-measured length of lining is sealed shut at one end and loaded into an inversion tank. The other end is folded back and cinched tightly around the opening of the damaged pipe. Using pressure, the lining is turned inside out, as it is pushed through the pipe. The lining is flexible enough to maneuver through 90° curves and adopt the shape and form of the existing pipe. Once in place, the lining is left to cure, resulting in a hard, impermeable, and seamless pipe.

Once completed, a video inspection of the rehabilitated sewer line can be done before reconnecting it for use.

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The Benefits Of Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair

  • Conforms to any shape of pipe and adapts to different diameters
  • Lining is completely impermeable eliminating the risk of intrusion from nearby tree roots
  • Effectively restores cracked pipes, seals leaking joints and holes, and restores the structural integrity of the sewer line
  • Can be used for virtually any length of repair making it suitable for spot fixes of short sections of damaged pipes that are otherwise in good condition, thereby lowering repair costs
  • Suitable for virtually any sewer line regardless of its depth or the corrosive nature of its environment
  • Sewer line can be repaired and returned to service within a day, in most cases

CIPP repairs may not be suitable in certain circumstances:

  • If the pipe has collapsed, unless a localized repair is done
  • If there is a need to increase the existing pipe’s capacity
  • If the temperature of its contents is expected to be abnormally high

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Vietzke Trenchless has been a family-owned local business for three generations. Our crews are experts in all modern trenchless pipe installation and repair services, including cured-in-place pipe repairs. To get a free estimate for your Spokane home or business, contact us today at 509-244-9607 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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