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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Kennewick, Washington

How often do you think about a problem that you don’t even know exists? Probably never, right? Your business or home’s sewer system is probably one of those things that fall under this category. With pipes buried deep beneath the ground or hidden between the walls, you can’t always tell what state they are in, or if there is any leak in the system – hence its easy to forget about them.

However, if you do pay attention, there are often telltale signs visible, giving you a warning that something isn’t working right. Be it stained walls or ceilings, mold growing on the ceiling, or even an irregularity on your water bill – these indicators can help you catch a leak before it becomes a major problem for you and your household.

Found a water leak – now what?

There was a time when plumbing repairs in your sewer system required a deep hole to be dug through your property for the source of the fault to be determined and the fix to take place. It then took up to weeks for the work to wrap up and for your property to get back in shape.

At Vietzke Trenchless, we can understand how the thought of that would make any home or business owner panic. Luckily, with our innovative technology and highly trained staff, you don’t have to worry about that situation bubbling up at your home.

About viezke trenchless

By using our state-of-the-art method for repairing damaged or old sewer lines, we can save your property from all the unnecessary digging and exorbitant costs that restoration work would require.

Trenchless pipe repair

The first step in using this advanced technology is a sewer camera inspection. We insert a flexible rod with a camera attached at one end to locate the point of breakage or leak within your sewer system. Once the exact location of the damage has been identified, we would proceed to repair work.

Using the trenchless pipe repair method, we only need to make one access point in your system from which we would insert a flexible resin saturated lining tube into your existing pipe.

The new lining is flexible enough to bend through the pipes and fit through any diameter required. It then hardens within a few hours, taking the shape of a pipe within a pipe. Through its new hardened form, it seals the existing pipe at the joints including any leaks or further deterioration, creating a strong protective coating inside.

By using this method for repairing pipes, we can eliminate the need for digging and damaging your lawn or driveways. Our lining is flexible enough to be applied to pipes of many shapes and sizes and can last for decades – without needing you to worry about the next fix or replacement!

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Our staff at Vietzke Trenchless is extremely efficient and in most cases, can fix your leaks within a day. If you have been noticing a leak in your home, don’t delay having it repaired. Make a call to us and we will take it from there.

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