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At Vietzke Trenchless, standing water and wastewater backups are often indicative that the sewer lines are leaking or have collapsed, and our team is trained to identify these problems and quickly fix them for our customers in Richland. These situations have the potential to create health hazards for homes and businesses, and because of this, we offer reliable lining services that can be installed within a single day in order to keep our customers safe from harm.

What Sewer Line Repairs Can Fix

Sewer lines are particularly vulnerable to experiencing problems due to their location underground and the strain they undergo through constant usage on a daily basis. With tree roots actively seeking a reliable water source and organic materials in the lines becoming trapped and accumulating over time, offering repair services that are both reliable and capable of addressing the variety of problems a sewer line can experience is our top priority. For pipelines comprised of cast-iron materials, tuberculation is a common issue in these pipes, as this causes the inside of the pipe to become uneven and jagged, catching debris and allowing it to become trapped on the inside.

Whenever you call Vietzke Trenchless for support, the first thing our technicians will do is conduct a sewer camera inspection. This is the best way for our professionals to determine what the exact problem is so they can then solve it. We recognize that the cause of a sewer line malfunction will be different in every home and business, and as a result, will require a unique solution. Through a live video feed, our technicians are able to see the inside of your pipe with cameras. After they have seen and analyzed the problem, your pipes will be cleaned with our eco-friendly hydro jetting equipment. Hydro jetting involves a high-pressure stream of water that blasts away any clogs or sludge that may become a clog in the future.

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Past Sewer Line Repair Methods Versus Contemporary Solutions

In the past, fixing a pipe involved removing and replacing the entire piping system through a highly expensive, damaging, and time-consuming process that would leave the owner without much use of the system for the entirety of the repair. Trenchless pipe lining is a much better solution.

Trenchless pipe lining does not require any digging of trenches, excavation of floors, or the tearing down of walls. It can normally be completed in one day without even having to turn off the water supply. It is also much more affordable and will not leave you with any landscaping expenses afterward. Trenchless pipe lining is the process of creating an entirely new and seamless pipe inside of your old one. Due to the lack of joints and seams in your new pipe, you will no longer experience clogs and your pipe’s life will be extended by 50 years.

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