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Sewer Camera Inspection in Yakima, Washington

Without the right technology, it can be tough to figure out what’s happening inside your sewer system – especially a faulty one.

If you’re facing a blockage or leak, don’t waste time guessing what the reason could be or where the fault lies. Instead, get in touch with us at Vietzke Trenchless and allow us to use our waterproof cameras specially designed for sewer line inspections. As we have access to the latest technology for sewer line video camera inspection services, we can identify the exact source of the fault, and provide you with cost-efficient methods to repair it.

What is a sewer camera inspection?

The innovative sewer camera technology has changed the scope of time and money spent on plumbing and repair work. By using waterproof cameras for real-time video inspection of your sewer system and underground pipelines, our technicians can identify and repair your blockage and leaks within a matter of a day or two.

Our professionally trained technicians at Vietzke Trenchless can find the source of your faulty sewer system by inserting a flexible rod with a small high-resolution camera attached to its end, inside the pipes. The flexible rod can pass through any bend and curves within your system and help us locate the point of fault. Through a radio signal being sent to the technician, we are always aware of the camera’s exact location and leave no room for uncertainty when it comes to determining the issues.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Whether it’s a clog in your drains or any other sort of corrosion, our video inspection allows us to determine exactly what the best solution would be for repair and time is wasted on guessing and figuring out what to do.

Accurate detection and solution

A faulty sewer system could result from various issues – breakage due to age, displaced joints within the piping or a buildup of material are just some of the reasons. Often the flow in your sewer system can be blocked because of root mass as well. Our sewer camera inspection can identify the exact issue, fix it and also ensure it doesn’t happen again shortly.

Since pipes age over time and become vulnerable to breakage and collapse, our video inspection can allow us to tell you ahead of time if you need a replacement before the situation gets worse.

Save your time and money through technology

Inserting a sewer camera through an access point in your sewer system is a better option than having people dig through your property looking for a faulty pipe. We completely understand how inconvenient prolonged and delayed repairs can be and how they can bring damage to your house or slow your business down.

By running our cameras through your pipes, we can prevent all these delays and unnecessary excavations. Our solutions are precise, efficient and cost-effective. If you think you’ve got a faulty sewer system, don’t sit down and think what could the reason be – immediately contact us and leave it to our cameras and technicians to identify and repair!

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