Take These Precautions When Having Sewer Line Damage

Steps to Take When Having Sewer Line Damage

A damaged or clogged sewer line can be a major inconvenience. The smell from a damaged sewer line can be overwhelming and very unpleasant. Sewage that spills or backlogs onto your property or home can pose a health hazard.

There are several actions you should take right away if you think you have sewer damage, so that the problem is rectified as soon as possible.

Identification of the Problem

The number one priority for you if you have sewer line damage is to determine the extent and nature of the damage to the sewer line. Damage can be minor or it can be extensive and may require a massive repair job.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to identify a sewer problem yourself. You will have to call in an expert plumber who can take a thorough look at your sewer line to determine exactly how bad the damage is, and what is causing it.

If your sewer line is clogged, the plumber will have to clear your sewer line. This may involve snaking or cutting through the sewage, grease and any other material that is causing the clog with special tools.

Another option that plumbers may use if snaking is not feasible or has not completely cleared the sewer line is hydrojetting. This involves blasting the sewer line with water that is mixed with abrasives such as sand. The strong bursts of water mixed with abrasives should be strong enough to penetrate and clear most sewer blockages that snaking cannot.

The Sewer Camera

While you may have an idea of what is causing the sewer clog or what may be responsible for damaging your sewer line such as nearby construction, the only way to find out for sure the extent of the the damage is through a sewer camera.

This is a highly specialized camera that can travel through sewer lines and spot damage such as cracks, punctures, tears and rusting in the sewer lines.

Evaluating Your Repair Options

Once the extent, nature and cause of the sewer line damage has been determined the last step for you to take is to determine how to repair your sewer line. Using the information gathered from the sewer camera and other means, the plumber who cleared and checked your sewer lines will make a list of suggestions on how you can repair your sewer line.

Listen carefully to what they say and keep in mind your budget. There are many options available such as total pipe replacement to trench-less sewer repair that will seal minor to moderate holes with ease and minimal costs.

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