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When you’re looking for professional services for your sewer and water line needs in Spokane, call Vietzke Trenchless, the local experts at 509-244-9607.

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A Blocked Sewer Line

Grease and fat sent down the drain can accumulate along the walls of your sewer pipe. Other solid waste and debris like hair can get caught in the sticky residue and eventually completely clog the pipe.

Other sewer line blockages are caused by the growth of roots of nearby trees into the sewer line, or from the deterioration of the pipe’s integrity resulting in its collapse.

When the flow of wastewater through your sewer line is disrupted, it can result in messy and expensive back up into your home.

Video Pipe Inspection

To diagnose the full nature of the problem and to pinpoint its location, our service technicians will use a small waterproof video camera mounted at the end of a flexible rod that can be sent through your drainpipes and sewer line. The video will reveal if we are dealing with a clog, invasive roots, a collapsed pipe, or a problem of a different nature. With that information, our technicians can ascertain the best, fastest and most cost-effective measure to fix the problem.


For particularly stubborn clogs or invasive tree roots we may recommend a process called hydrojetting which sends water into the sewer line under great pressure. The rushing water will break through almost any clog, clearing away any accumulated grime inside the pipe. It will even blast through and clear out any roots that may be present.

Trenchless Sewer Line Rehabilitation Or Replacement Solutions

If the video inspection shows that the sewer line is damaged, we can either restore it using a process called cured-in-place pipe, or replace it using pipe bursting technology. In both cases, there is very little disruption to the home’s surroundings, as they do not require digging out the length of the affected sewer line.

Cured-in-place pipe – this technique inserts a flexible resin impregnated lining along the inside of the existing damaged sewer line. As the resin dries and cures, it creates a hard, seamless and structurally sound pipe.

Pipe bursting – if the sewer line is more significantly damaged and requires replacing, we can employ specialized machinery for the installation of the pipe. In this technique, an expander, designed to shatter the old pipe from the inside, is dragged through the line. As it breaks apart the old pipe and pushes the fragments into the surrounding soil, it pulls the replacement pipe behind it. This technique can also be used to replace a failing or damaged water supply pipe.

To get the incomparable expertise and friendly service at work in your Spokane home or commercial building, call Vietzke Trenchless today at 509-244-9607.

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