Get Rid of That Sewer Odor in Your Home

Eliminating Sewer Gas Odor From A Home

It’s not uncommon for people to walk into their bathroom and notice a smell of sewage. They don’t know where it is coming from because their bathroom is very clean.

They may start looking around and smelling different areas to locate the source. Different things may be done used such as additional cleaning, but the smell may remain.

Their frustration may increase when they realize the terrible odor is not just in the bathroom but their entire house. When nothing seems to work, it’s time to call a plumbing professional to handle the situation.

Causes of the Smell

A plumbing professional will have to visit a Spokane home to determine the exact cause of the bad odor. There could be a number of different causes. If it is sewer gas containing high levels of methane, it could be very flammable.

This can also be considered a health issue. The cause could be everything from a blocked roof vent, a leak in or around a P-trap, vent pipe not correctly installed, cracked vent pipe and more.

Plumbing Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are made to retain sewer gas inside the piping system. The vent pipes that go up through the roof of a house are not exhaust vents but intake vents.

Should a large amount of water get into a home’s drain pipe system, air could be moved toward the septic tank and sewer. This could cause air to be taken into a home’s plumbing system from the roof vents.

Drain Line Cracks And Furnace

If there is a crack in plumbing drain line or vent pipes, this could lead to sewer gas entering a home. A crack in a drain line could be associated with a water leak. A crack in a vent pipe is more difficult to detect. A vent pipe crack will cause a higher level of sewer gas to get into a Spokane home.

It will require a special machine used by plumbing professionals to be detected. It’s also possible for leaking sewer gas to be taken back into a home’s return air system and spread around the home by its furnace.


The detection and elimination of sewer gas odors will require the services of a plumbing professional. They will check piping, vents and more. Piping or vents may need to be replaced or repaired. There may be loose joints that have to be re-glued using plastic pipe cement and more.

Plumbing Professionals

For quality professional plumbing services including the elimination of sewer gas odors, call Vietzke Trenchless Inc. at 509-244-9607, for service in your Spokane, WA home.

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