We Can Teach You How to Know When You Have a Burst Pipe

Pools of Water on the Floor

Most of our Spokane customers will notice that a pipe has burst after seeing a pool of water on the floor. A frozen pipe often occurs in the winter as temperatures drop during a snowstorm because a home does not have adequate heat.

As trenchless sewer repair plumbers, we know that these pipes are usually located in basements where there is no air circulation. We advise customers to turn off a home’s water at a main valve rather than trying to repair the pipe on their own.

Mold Growing on Surfaces

A pipe that has burst inside a wall may not leak a lot of moisture, but the water will drip slowly, creating damp insulation and drywall. The sign of this type of burst pipe is mold growth that seeps through the wall’s materials. Our customers may notice slimy or fuzzy discolorations that appear dark green or yellow.

Water Spots on the Ceilings

Plumbing fixtures that are located upstairs in homes with multiple levels have pipes that can burst in the winter. The sign of this type of burst pipe is a stain on the ceiling that indicates water is dripping through the floor tiles and underlying structures. Unless the pipe underneath a sink or bathtub is repaired quickly, extensive damage can occur to the ceiling’s materials.

Smelling Foul Mildew Odors

When homeowners report a foul-smelling mildew odor in a home, our Spokane plumbers always inspect for burst pipes. Pipes that leak moisture slowly on wood foundations, drywall and insulation are one of the most common reasons that a home has mildew contamination. To find the pipes that are causing mildew odor, our plumbers may need to tear away materials.

Hearing Dripping Noises inside the Walls

Another sign of a burst water pipe is hearing dripping noises inside the walls, especially in a home with several levels. If a pipe has ruptured on the top floor, then the water can drip all of the way to the basement.

Not only will a homeowner need a repair for the broken water pipe, but also, additional services are required to remove moisture from lower levels of the building. For professional plumbing services in Spokane, WA, contact Vietzke Trenchless Inc. at 509-244-9607.

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