Ways to Prevent Septic Tank Failure

septic tank installation in Spokane Valley, WA

Once a homeowner gets a septic tank installation in Spokane Valley, WA, they should learn what it takes to maintain it to be able to make the most out of it. So while septic tank failure can be taken care of by a professional like Vietzke Trenchless, the homeowner should learn what it takes to prevent the issues from happening at all. Here are a few tips from our team here at Vietzke Trenchless.

       1. Be Wary of the Things That Are Flushed

Misuse or improper care for the septic system, such as flushing inappropriate objects that can damage and clog the drain, can prompt the need for an untimely septic tank replacement in Spokane Valley, WA. Bodily waste should be the only thing that goes down the drain. Anything else like wipes, food, hair, and other types of waste should be thrown in the trash instead.

       2. Respond to Issues Right Away

Once a homeowner notices that there is an issue with their drains, they should schedule septic tank services in Spokane Valley, WA immediately. Neglected issues can make a faulty septic tank become even more faulty and lead to failure. Always rely on a true professional for repair.

       3. Use Proper Cleaning Methods

Remember, septic tank repair in Spokane Valley, WA should only be done by a professional. The smaller, easier parts of preventative maintenance are easy enough for homeowners to handle on their own. This includes keeping the drains clean to avoid buildup. When cleaning the drains, avoid using anti-bacterial concoctions, as drains depend on bacteria to break down the items inside of the pipes. Contact a professional plumber for tips for proper cleaning.

       4. Try to Keep Trees Away From the Tank

It can be hard to have control over where the trees in the yard are planted, but they should be kept away from your septic system in Spokane Valley, WA. This is because the roots can grow into the area of the septic system and interfere with its functionality.

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