The Ins and Outs of How Pipe Boring Works

Pipe Boring Services

A failing, inadequately sized or collapsed sewer line is a situation that requires a rapid response on the part of the property owner.

Depending on the path of the failing sewer line and its depth from ground level as it crosses your Spokane property on the way to the sewer main or septic tank, trenching a new path for the replacement line can cause great destruction in the landscape.

Excavation, trenching and ultimate settling of the excavated soil may also put sidewalks, driveways, and foundations at risk.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Method

A great way to replace a failed, failing or inadequate sewer line without destroying lawns, landscape features or other structures is by using a trenchless pipe repair method called pipe boring.

This method is also called horizontal directional drilling or HDD. HDD rigs can bore a path for sewer pipe replacement in situations when traditional trenching or excavation would be extremely destructive or impossible.

New sewer pipe, more durable and permanent than clay pipe, is then laid in the freshly bored paths with no damage to the existing lawns, plantings or structures above the newly bored path.

Watch Your Concrete Structures

Trenchless sewer repair is much less invasive than traditional methods of excavation and trenching and will do much less damage to your Spokane property.

Trenching not only tears up the existing landscape features, requiring replacement of lawn and any plantings destroyed in the excavation, but the ultimate settling of the soil over your new sewer line may well leave a dip or valley through your yard.

This settling can cause many delays in replacing landscape features extracted during excavation, and can increase the risk of settling damage to concrete structures or other features on your property.

HDD Trenchless Sewer Repair

HDD trenchless sewer repair is a great choice if your sewer line is set especially deep. The machinery needed to excavate and trench a very deep sewer line can be destructive to lawns and landscaping, leaving a path of damage across the yard on the way to the trenching area.

In addition to protecting your lawns and landscaping, trenchless sewer repair protects other underground utilities that exist under the sod, such as phone lines that may need to be relocated or reconnected after excavation and trenching.

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