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Drain Cleaning service in Spokane, Washington

Roof repair, chimney flue cleanings, and electrical line maintenance are understood to be important parts of the upkeep of a home. Often overlooked is regular sewer system maintenance, which can have devastating consequences and lead to expensive damage in your building or house. Many of the tell-tale indicators of large problems in your sewer system – slow drains, plastic or rust in the tap water, noxious smells of sewage, and odd gurgling sounds in your pipes are often out of sight and frequently ignored until the small problem becomes a giant disaster.

Raw sewage flooding your basement or yard, burst pipes, and potentially having to pay for a temporary hotel relocation during a major repair are several of the costs that can be incurred without regular check-ups. At Vietzke, we offer these check-ups to help our customers avoid the inconvenience and expenses associated with these accidents. With our intuitive drain cleaning services, these problems will be less likely to occur, saving our customers time and money.

Commercially-sold drain cleaner is extremely caustic, and very ineffective in comparison to simply having a clog removed by one of our professionals. Drain cleaner chemicals are particularly dangerous for children or pets: in 2013, it was reported that the leading cause of non-medication poisoning cases reported to poison control centers in children under five occured from items in the home such as household cleaning substances and pesticides. Additionally, these chemicals only serve to partially dissolve the clog, rather than remove it completely, usually leading to only slight improvements in water pressure. At Vietzke, we pride ourselves on offering drain cleaning services that are safe and affordable, maintaining the integrity of the pipes while also offering the most convenient solution that won’t upheave our customer’s routines. With frequent drain cleaning sessions, we keep your pipes clear of debris and ensure that our customers won’t need to rely on dangerous chemicals and unreliable drain snakes to remove clogs.

About Vietzke Trenchless

Alongside the regular pipe cleanings offered by our Vietzke technicians, there are actions that our technicians recommend to you as a building or homeowner to increase the lifespan of your drains and keep your pipes happy. Dispose of kitchen grease in your trash, instead of into sewer lines. Over time, it will coat the pipes and severely reduce their flow. This goes for other items as well – unless it breaks up easily in water (like toilet paper), don’t flush it, or put it into your drains. As an example, keeping a hair trap over your bathtub or shower drain is an easy way to prevent clogs from forming. Educate yourself on the type and material of your pipes, and learn when a system replacement will be required. Also, be aware – is the water flow in your house running as strongly? Has its taste changed? Are you noticing any particulates coming from the tap? These and other actions will help to prolong the life of your pipes, and forestall expensive repairs.

Our plumbing system engineers at Vietzke are experts at regular drain maintenance as well as major repairs. We are ready to assist you with professionalism, experience, and a no-nonsense attitude that will have your project completed fast. Contact us today to set up a regular maintenance schedule that will allow you to enjoy your home without worry!

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