When to Replace Your Sewer Septic Components

You’ve probably heard the saying, “if it’s not broke then don’t fix it”. And you think to yourself “great, that works for me.”

It’s easy to establish a daily routine and get caught up in the redundancies of life. You establish a routine and get lost in it. Wake up, make coffee, go to work, eat lunch/dinner, binge on Netflix, sleep, repeat. While this can be comforting and easy to fall into it is important to remember that the majority of things in life require maintenance to continue to work.

When to Replace Your Sewer Septic Components

Let’s consider a scenario in which you replace your sewer septic components.

The problem: One day you notice the toilet in your condo is flushing very slowly. This isn’t the normal routine you’re accustomed to. Luckily you have noticed immediately and you take action.

You contact your property management who tells you that all the drains are running slowly. That tells you that the problem is with the main building drain.

The toilet would show the most dramatic blockage because it sends a large sudden discharge volume of water and waste into the sewer line.

Your property manager is cautiously optimistic and advises you to manually plunge the toilet aggressively. This does not help the problem and the professionals need to be called in. Your property manager suggests Vietzke Trenchless as the best and most reputable plumbers in town.

What to Look For

It is all too easy to feel that this is a personal attack on you. Your sewer line is turning against you and forcing you from your daily routine. It is easy to forget that at some point all sewer lines need to be replaced, particularly in homes built during the 1970’s or earlier.

The fact is, the older your pipes are, the more likely it is that you will have trouble with them. Trouble is brewing for lack of a better phrase. Sewer pipes in older homes are usually made of clay tiles that can crack or break apart, allowing tree roots to infiltrate the pipe and create clogs.

Problems can also result from pipe sections that have settled or collapsed. When properly installed, the PVC pipes that are used today should have a lifespan of over 100 years. This should allow you to rest easy! You are so close to being back to your daily routine.

Your rental manager may wonder if they can simply patch the existing problem instead of replacing it. If the sewer line is old there will most likely be other bad spots and it is best to face the problem head on as opposed to trying to make it go away quickly.

Don’t Let it Become a Bigger Problem

This is where Vietzke Trenchless comes in. Call us because we can assure we will figure out the best way to handle your plumbing needs. We are a true Family Owned & Operated company. We regularly come across situations that require unique, specialized solutions so you can rest easy.

Soon enough you will be back to waking up, making your coffee and living your life the way you choose. Do not let your plumbing problems take over your life. Instead, take the initiative and know when to replace your sewer septic components.

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