Dangers of Improper Septic Tank Installation

Vietzke Trenchless provides professional and qualified septic tank services in Spokane Valley, WA. For three generations, we’ve been serving the Spokane area with a proud reputation for service and quality. We’re also highly knowledgeable about well-planned septic systems and recognize the inherent hazards and difficulties.

How Septic Systems Work

Septic systems have two principal parts: the septic tank itself, which connects via a drain to the home, and the drain field. The septic tank is buried below ground and holds wastewater over time. Grease and oil rise and create a surface scum while solids settle into a bottom sludge that partially decomposes. The water then escapes to the drain field.

The drain field consists of buried pipes with perforations and a porous covering-material. The wastewater percolates into the soil as an additional form of treatment, which removes viruses, harmful bacteria and nutrients.

Poor Planning and Installation

Improperly installed or designed systems typically fail in only months, requiring a costly septic tank replacement in Spokane Valley, WA. Percolation tests in the drain field need to show that water seeps correctly and doesn’t pool and create hazards. If the soil is over-moist, the treatment won’t take place, which will allow contaminated sewage to reach groundwater.

Systems also must be adequately sized and buried at specified depths. Drain fields need enough soil below the trench installation to properly absorb the sewage. Soil that’s also too tightly compacted won’t absorb effluent and cause it to pool on the surface. This is why it’s important to work with professionals when it comes to septic tank installation in Spokane Valley, WA. 

An expert would know the exact way to install your new septic system to avoid any problems. Proper installation along with prompt and regular septic tank repair in Spokane Valley WA is key to keeping your septic tank in good condition all year.

Contact The Septic Tank Installation Specialists

Vietzke Trenchless puts its decades of expertise in plumbing and commitment to quality into its services each day. Our professionals are trained and up to date on leading-edge plumbing technologies and trenchless solutions, keeping costs affordable for a septic system in Spokane Valley, WA and the surrounding areas. And we consult with you at every stage so you know exactly how the process is going. Contact us today.

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