Building for the Future: Sewer Lining and Other Long Term Home Repairs

Whether your home is new or old, the pipelines should be up-to-date to keep your sewer lines functioning properly. Sewer lining and other trenchless, long term repairs in today’s market are performed with the goal of them lasting many years. There are many aspects that make these trenchless repairs so viable over the long term as you’ll see

Reduced Cost

At Vietzke Trenchless, we offer trenchless repair methods because the cost for the customer is significantly reduced, but the repair is just as strong. We eliminate the need to rent large excavation equipment to be rented and used to plow through your landscape to expose the pipes. Our trenchless methods allow for the repairing of your pipes with minimal digging, saving time by quickly resolving the issue, saving you money.

Saving Time

Because trenchless sewer repairs do not require the use of large machinery, the time it takes to complete the repair is much less. The sewer system is quickly restored, and many of our trenchless services don’t require the water services to be turned off.

Long Term Repairs

Our trenchless sewer repair methods incorporate innovative, durable materials that don’t corrode over time, keeping your pipes strong and working efficiently for decades after the repair is done. This prevents homeowners from needing to have repairs done more than once in their lifetime during their time in the house, making the property more attractive to future owners as well as ensuring that the sewer system will continue to function smoothly

Replace Outdated Pipes

The trenchless sewer repair process is so innovative and desirable because it is capable of replacing the old, damaged pipes. Older pipes were created with less durable materials that break down more easily, and by replacing these outdated pipes with stronger, more durable ones. This ensures that the sewer system will have the newest long-lasting materials available.

Contact Us

If you are building for the future of your home using sewer lining and other long term home repairs call us for assistance. You can reach Vietzke Trenchless through email or by calling us at 509-244-9607

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