When Do We Recommend Pipe Lining?

trenchless pipe lining in Spokane Valley, WA

Are you looking for a less intrusive way to fix a damaged sewer pipe? You might want to consider trenchless pipe lining in Spokane Valley, WA.

What Is Trenchless Pipelining?

Trenchless pipelining is a sewer pipe repair procedure that has been steadily gaining popularity among property owners. In this procedure, the sewer line is repaired via an access point in the damaged line. A lining material will then be filled with epoxy and inserted into the access point. Once the epoxy hardens, the lining is removed and you are left with a new pipe inside of the old one.

The lining helps close the insides of the pipe. Using this method eliminates the possibility of leaks, prevents stormwater from getting into the line, and keeps roots from growing into the pipe.

When To Pick Trenchless Pipelining?

There are many choices when it comes to trenchless sewer repair. Here’s when to choose trenchless piping.

You Want To Reduce Root Intrusion

Tree root invasion is extremely damaging to pipes. The cracks due to the roots make it easier for sewage and rainwater to come out into the landscaping or even your buildings. Using trenchless pipe repair methods, we introduce a seamless pipe inside the host pipe. This reduces the risk of root intrusion.

You Want To Avoid Damaging Your Property

Trenchless pipe replacement involves little or no digging, meaning your landscape won’t have to be upturned. This helps you avoid the extra costs of having to repair your concrete foundations. The fewer the procedures, the fewer the workers needed for the job, resulting in relatively less expenses. Ultimately, going the trenchless route is not only better for your budget, but better for the environment too.

Considering using a proper trenchless pipelining is a good step, and we will help you choose when to use it. We will recommend it to you if it means having a less environmentally damaging effect. Contact Vietzke Trenchless for trenchless sewer replacement and repair services.

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