What Can a Sewer Hook Up Do For You?

Some Advantages of a Sewer Hookup

Spokane homes located in remote areas are not always connected to local sewer lines. Many of them have septic tanks that are beyond repair.

Recently, many cities in the United States have extended public sewer lines to remote areas, and homeowners are encouraged to connect to new public sewer systems via trenchless pipe technology.

Some homeowners may see this as an expensive and inconvenient option. However, there are advantages to being on a public sewer line, and the following are just a few of them.

Fewer Overflows in System

Septic tanks do not last indefinitely, and deterioration occurs even faster when they are not properly maintained.

As a result, they don’t process sewage in an efficient manner. However, sewer systems treat larger amounts of water and sewage without overflowing.

Raw sewage seeps out and contaminates surrounding areas when septic tanks overflow. This leads to hazardous health conditions. However, a sewer hookup decreases the likelihood of this ever happening. Not only does this reduce the spread of diseases, but it’s also good for the environment overall.

No Maintenance Required

The Spokane homeowner doesn’t maintain the sewer line, which is totally different when the homeowner has a septic tank. Homeowners are responsible for installing and maintaining septic systems.

They must clean out and inspect septic tanks on a yearly basis. But this is unnecessary when homes are connected to a public sewer line.

Increased Home Value

A sewer hookup can also increase the value of your home. Potential house hunters usually don’t want the added hassle of maintaining a septic tank. A home with a septic tank is generally perceived to have less value, and it is hard to sell. However, a home that is connected to a sewer line is believed to have more value.

This is mainly because the typical homeowner doesn’t want to spend extra money to replace an old septic tank, especially after purchasing a new home.

Also, if future sewer repairs are necessary, there are no dig sewer replacement alternatives that simply the process. Homeowners don’t have to worry about digging up the driveway or destroying landscape.

When it comes to sewage treatment, homeowners ask if septic tanks or sewer lines are better. There are disadvantages and advantages for each.

However, a trenchless sewer hookup can be a definite plus for many homeowners. It requires less maintenance and creates reduced overflow. It also increases home property value. These are all great benefits for homeowners overall.

See what other benefits a sewer hook up can do for you and your Spokane, WA home! Call Vietzke Trenchless Inc. today at 509-244-9607.

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