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Top Reasons Why Sewer Line Repairing In Coeur d’Alene, ID Is a Good Practice For Homeowners


It’s not uncommon for specific areas in a city or town to experience significant sewer line problems. Many of which will need to be repaired as quickly as possible. Just like a specific area in downtown Coeur d’Alene, residential owners in this area identified side sewer problems that affected 3 of the surrounding neighborhoods. With that being said, it is important for everyone to understand some of the top reasons why Sewer Line Repairing In Coeur d’Alene, ID Is a Good Practice For Homeowners.

Reason #1 – Cracked or Collapsed Lines

Similar to any kind of underground construction job, repairs may need to be made to the sewer lines from time to time. In fact, a number of different things can occur to the actual construction of the pipes or the materials used in its development. Some of the most significant repairs normally involve sewer line repair that have completely collapsed or cracked due to wear and tear. Either way, these are common problems that will need be addressed as soon as they are identified.

Finding the root of these problems is no longer difficult and as time consuming as they were in past times, especially since technology has changed dramatically in this industry. Therefore, to avoid costly problems that can easily escalate inside the home (i.e. backed up sinks, toilets that want flush, odors in the drains and the like), homeowners should make sure that they are following up right away by finding a professional company to make the appropriate repairs.

Reason #2 – Tree Roots Cause Damage to the Sewer Lines

In addition to problems with the initial construction and the quality of the materials used in a sewer line, it also important for homeowners to be aware of other issues of concern that can occur. One of which may or may not be commonly known among homeowners usually involves the issue of tree root damage. Also, referred to as root intrusion, it is not uncommon for large numbers of homeowners to request these types of sewer line repair services. Specifically, when the roots have damaged their pipes by growing around them and crushing them. In some cases, the roots of a tree may also grow inside the pipes, which results in clogs and backups that people experience inside their homes.

Reason #3 – Age of the Sewer Pipes

As previously mentioned, sometimes pipes may need to be repaired or completely replaced due to cracks and breaks. In some cases, however, the pipes may not have significant damage due to cracks or breaks, but they may still need to be replaced because of their age. In fact, as a general rule, when the sewer lines are more than 40 years old, professionals in this field will recommend getting ahead of future problems by requesting an inspection, new replacement sewer pipes and the like to avoid costly repair problems.

Though there are many different reasons why sewer line repairs is a good practice for homeowners, there are some that are more commonly known and requested than others. Three of the top reasons include cracked and collapsed pipes, tree root intrusion and age.

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