Things You Should Never Put Down the Drainy

Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

As a homeowner, keeping your plumbing in great condition is important. If you have a bad clog in a drain, you can get professional drain cleaning in Spokane, WA from Vietzke Trenchless. You can do your part to keep your drains clear by making sure that you never put certain things down them. It’s important to know what these items are and how to properly dispose of them.

Grease, Fat and Oil

Many people make the mistake of putting grease, fat and oil down their kitchen sink drains. This can lead to a serious clog as these substances can harden when the hot and cold water are alternately used. Once they get stuck in your pipes, you’ll need extensive drain cleaning services.

Feminine Hygiene Products

This type of product should go in the trash instead of flushed down the toilet. This stands even for tampons that are said to be flushable. Flushing these items down the toilet can cause a serious backup that requires drain snaking to clear. It can also be disastrous if you have only one toilet in your home as you’ll have to wait for a professional to make repairs.

Unused Medication

Although you might think that putting unused medication down the drain is no big deal, it can lead to many problems. In addition to potentially causing a badly clogged drain, they can seep into the water supply and contaminate it. This can harm plant life, animals and humans.

Porous Foods

If you have a garbage disposal, it’s important to know that not all food debris should go into it. Things like eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit pits and potato peels can cause your garbage disposal to run into problems. These foods should go in the trash.

Cat Litter

Some cat litter brands are said to be flushable, but it’s best to simply scoop away dirty litter and throw it in the garbage. Over time, cat litter can sit in clumps in your toilet’s drain or pipe and cause a huge problem for your septic system, in general. Your toilet can even back up into the shower or another plumbing fixture. It’s not worth the risk.

Vietzke Trenchless is a drain cleaning company that can get the job done when you have a problem at home. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for drain cleaning.

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