These Things Should Not Go Down Your Drain

3 Ways To Prevent A Drain Clog

Getting clogged drains is something that happens to almost everyone who has drains in their Spokane home. Unless a plumber lives in the home and is very meticulous with what they allow to go down the drain, then it’s likely that every home will have a clog at one point or another.

One way to avoid clogs is by preventing certain items from going down the drain. Soap scum, hair, oil, and coffee grounds are all things that tend to clog up the drainage.

Hair will naturally go down the drain, especially after a person washes their hair. Oils are poured down kitchen sinks after the oil is used and needs to be discarded.

Coffee grounds are something that can be thrown into the garbage, but many people choose to put these down the drain. If you avoid putting these things down the drain, then you’re less likely to get clogged drains.

Use Hot Water

Let’s say you’ve done everything you can to avoid letting certain articles or items go down the drain, you still may see hair slip into the drain before you can catch it, and you may forget to allow the grease to cool in a can before throwing it away.

You can still redeem yourself by using hot water to run through the drain, especially since it’s a good way to loosen up grease and other particles that may be stuck in the drain.

Don’t be mistaken, hot water is not a way to unclog a drain, but using hot water after throwing grease down the drain is a good way to loosen up the grease and allow the grease to continue flowing through the drain.

Allowing the grease to cool and get hard can stop up the drains and cause a clog. If you use hot water after you know something has gone down the drain, then it’s possible to avoid future clogs.

Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services are very valuable, and you don’t have to have a clogged drain to get your drains professionally cleaned. You should have your drains cleaned every year, and a Spokane professional plumber can come out and do this for you to make sure your drains are flowing without blockage.

The service is only performed by certain plumbers, so search for plumbers that specifically provide this service.

Any troubles regarding your piping system in your Spokane, WA home, call Vietzke Trenchless today at 509-244-9607, and let the experts unclog that drain.

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