The Problem With Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

The Problem With Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Various chemical drain cleaners include gel, crystal, powder, and foam but all work using the same concept. Their use involves pouring the chemical down a drain to trigger a chemical reaction, which generates heat that dissolves the clog, enabling it to go down the drain. At Vietzke Trenchless, we understand the severity of certain approaches to repair, and that’s why our focus is on using trenchless technology. So, the next time you want drain cleaning services, contact us for safe cleaning solutions.

There are several reasons people should use less harmful drain cleaning options such as drain snaking. Some of them include:

Health Hazard

Apart from causing irritation, chemical drain cleaners emit fumes that can also be toxic to people. More so, most people are ignorant of the hazardous warning on the label of the chemicals, thus misusing the cleaning products, which may result in health issues. For instance, should the drain chemical contact your skin, you may experience severe burns. On this note, relying on professionals to address your clogged drain is vital.

Damage Fixtures

An efficient drain cleaning company should inform clients about the consequences of using drain chemicals. For instance, the acid in the drain chemicals is not ideal for enamel-based finishing such as bathtubs. When the two get into contact, it may mean replacing your enamel finishing. The same case applies to some types of metals whereby the acid can create holes in them.

Environmental Hazard

Chemical drain cleaners will mostly end up in water sources causing environmental pollution. Pollution also happens during the disposal of the chemical packaging, where the small amounts of chemical end up in landfills. Therefore, instead of using these harsh chemicals, you can consider other options from our team such as hydro jetting.

Taking care of your drainage system is vital, but more important is how you do so. Are you in need of drain cleaning in Coeur d'Alene, ID? Work with the trusted team at Vietzke Trenchless instead and experience the difference of professional solutions.

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