The Advantages of CIPP Sewer Repair

In recent years, an increasing number of property owners and managers have been turning to cured-in place pipe repair as a better option to traditional options repair. Both commercial properties and homes need fully functioning sewer systems at all times. Unfortunately, issues like aging pipelines, root intrusion, calcification, and ground movement often cause damage to pipes, disrupting business operations and requiring costly repairs.

Trenchless sewer repair in Spokane Valley, WA, from Vietzke Trenchless offers an easy way to get your sewer working properly again within no time. In this article, we outline some of the top benefits of CIPP sewer repair.


The short-term and long-term costs of trenchless pipe repair in Spokane Valley, WA, are much lower compared to alternative methods. The installation process is highly streamlined, which reduces the overall labor costs. There's no excavation involved, which eliminates the cost of restorative landscaping.


Trenchless pipe lining in Spokane Valley, WA, does not involve any damage to structures, floors, walls, sidewalks, streets, or landscape. The process thus keeps the area around your home or business safe. There's also minimal risk of injury for everyone involved in the process. As CIPP sewer repair involves no excavation of land, it protects those in the area from harmful substances such as asbestos and mold.


Any type or size of pipe replacement needed can be done using trenchless pipe replacement in Spokane Valley, WA. Technicians can effectively resolve cracking, age deterioration, corrosion, or damage caused by faulty installation using this method.

As you can see, CIPP and even trenchless sewer replacement in Spokane Valley, WA, are the best solutions for almost all problems that can affect your sewer system. It's the reason this technique is becoming the top choice today. Are you looking for minimally invasive sewer repair solutions? Contact Vietzke Trenchless by calling us or filling out the form.

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