Take the Advice from the Pros to Fix that Clog in your Spokane Home

What Clogs Sinks?

The more sinks are used, the more likely they are to get clogged at one point or another. A lot of things go down sinks, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom sinks, and depending on the type of sink it is, clogs becomes more likely.

If there are other sinks in the Spokane home other than the bathroom or kitchen sinks, it’s still unlikely to clog as quickly as the bathroom and kitchen sinks. A kitchen drain can be clogged with oil, grease, food and more.

Bathroom drains can be clogged with hair, soap scum, grease, toothpaste, cotton balls and more. Bathroom sinks may be more likely to get clogged faster because of the fact that many use it on a daily basis, especially when brushing their teeth, washing their face, or washing their hands after using the bathroom.

The kitchen sink tends to be used only when cooking needs to be done, and it has fewer uses for washing hands but is used for washing dishes.

How A Plumber Unclogs Kitchen Sinks

Depending on if there is a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen, there may be a couple techniques that a plumber will use to unclog the drain. First, it’s best to remove the garbage disposal unit, especially if it’s not allowing any food or water to go down the drain. The garbage disposal may need to be cleaned and put back together to determine if it was the cause for the backup or the drain or clog. More than likely, the plumber will check the P trap as well.

The P trap is a pipe that’s shaped like the letter U, and it should be at the bottom of the drain, and it traps many things like food and anything else that may get stuck in the drain. Typically, clogs are located in the P trap, but in some cases, it goes beyond this pipe.

If the clog’s too far down the drain, then drain cleaning may be necessary, and the drain may need to be snaked. A typical snake may work, but if what’s clogging the drain still isn’t becoming dislodged, then an electrical snake that can go deep into the piping may be needed.

How A Plumber Unclogs Bathroom Sinks

A bathroom drain will have somewhat of a different method when it comes time to unclog it, especially since it’s easier to disassemble than the drainage system in the kitchen. A clogged drain in the bathroom can sometimes easily be remedied by simply taking apart the assembly above the drain, especially since a lot of hair and other gunk get stuck near the top of these sinks.

If this doesn’t dislodge what’s clogging the drain, then checking the P trap should be the next step, which is taken apart, cleaned, and tested to see if water will run through it smoothly. If any clogs still remain, then many of the same things that can be done to a kitchen drain can also be done to the bathroom drain.

Since many of the drains connect at some point, it needs to be determined how far down the line the clogs are, so snaking would be a good idea if the drain is not becoming unclogged.

Additional Techniques To Get Rid Of Clogs

Some don’t realize how bad a clogged drain can be, no matter which sinks it belongs to, and it’s possible that the clogs go very deep into the system, and some real plumbing techniques come into play in order to get rid of these clogs.

Snaking is done by putting a bendable metal wire through the pipeline to dislodge clogs and other things that may have stuck together to create the clogs in the first place.

Once the snake goes down the drain, then it will latch onto the clogs, and it should be able to drag it up along with anything else that’s clinging to it. This can work for many drains that only have small clogs that are before the P trap or even in the pipeline that’s after the P trap.

Plumbers will use an electrical snake that can go into the sewer line if necessary, and this can be a great way to help clear up any clogs, and it can also go a long distance as well, which should catch any clogs that are in the line.

It’s even possible to do a video camera inspection while snaking the line, which is the best choice because it can see and determine where the clogs are, what the clogs are, and give the plumber an idea of how best to get rid of the clogs. In other cases, sewer jetting is necessary, which is also known as hydro scrubbing or hydro jetting.

This is an excellent way to get the main sewer pipe cleaned and also unclogged, but this is only used for very tough clogs. Sewer jetting is done by using a very high pressured hose to force water down the main sewer pipe to dislodge any debris or clogs that are obstructing the line, and this should be an excellent way to unclog any sewer line.

This method is only used if the backup or clogs go past the sinks in the Spokane home and into the main system, but it’s a very effective way of unclogging the system.

Plumbers can also do drain cleaning, which is something that should be done once a year anyways, and this can help to keep the drains clean, so clogs are less likely in the future. It’s possible to do additional damage to the drainage system as well as the sewer line if people in the Spokane home continue allowing things to go down the drains, and this includes the toilet as well.

Sewer line replacement can run into tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s best to do drain cleaning every year and to avoid flushing or putting things down the drain that shouldn’t be there.

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