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How to Take Care of Your Spokane Home’s Pipes and Drains

We know you’re busy, but we have a few small recommendations that don’t take much time and can end up saving you a headache and cost of a pipeline emergency. As a property owner, it’s important to be alert for any red flags that your pipes and drains are in disrepair. Common signs of an issue include backflow, low water pressure, odor, mold and mildew, and leaking. Any of these warrant a call to Vietzke, so we can schedule an inspection.

Vietzke has been providing our valued Spokane clients with exceptional and innovative services since 1948, making us a leader and the premier plumbing choice in the Spokane area. We strive to give you great service and help you avoid plumbing emergencies, but with regularly scheduled professional inspections, we can keep your systems running smoothly.

Routine maintenance is the number one way to properly care for pipes. Having a yearly pipe inspection alerts our technicians to existing and pending problems. We are able to subvert hazardous and expensive disasters by performing regular maintenance warranted by inspections.

During a pipe inspection, one of our skilled technicians will use a hi-definition camera to examine the inside of the pipelines. The camera is inserted into the plumbing via an existing access point and maneuvered by the technician throughout the pipe. The camera sends a live, detailed feed to the technician, who is able to diagnose pipe function from the information obtained.

Beyond regular maintenance, you can take daily precautions to keep drains from clogging and pipes from breaking. Don’t try to snake a drain on your own, because there is the possibility that you can break the fragile piping or scratch delicate surfaces (such as the inside of your toilet bowl) and inadvertently cause more problems. Likewise, harsh chemicals can also destroy the inside of your pipes. When dealing with a recurring, nasty clog, it’s always best to call the professionals.

You might be wondering what you can do. Taking care not to flush or wash hazardous objects down your toilet and drains can keep them in healthy shape. Don’t pour grease into the kitchen sink, as it builds up over time and requires professional drain cleaning to remove. Drain inserts and catches can also cut down drastically on the amount of hair and debris that flow into the pipelines. Taking these careful maintenance measures will help to preserve the function of your pipes, but does not take the place of a professional inspection.

If you’re a property owner and you have not had a routine inspection on your pipes recently, call today so we can take a peek at your pipes to check their functionality.

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