Six Reasons You Should Choose Sewer Line Repair

If you live in the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene, then you are very lucky. But if your sewer drain line is acting up, you probably don’t feel so wonderful. Every homeowner at one point in time will face sewer issues. In the past, sewer blockages and broken sewer drain lines needed to be dug up and replaced. But with the advancement in technology, this is no longer the case. New trenchless sewer lining technology makes this all possible. Today, we are goingto learn why you the homeowner should be utilizing this service if you are facing sewer drain problems.

Six Benefits of Sewer Line Repair

1.  No need to dig large holes: In the past, very large holes were needed to be dug in order to replace a damaged sewer pipe. But not anymore! The new way of repairing sewer drain lines is trenchless and only requires an access hole to be dug. Using this smaller hole, technicians can blow into place a soft pipe liner. Then the liner is hardened using ultraviolet light or steam.

2. Your lawn will be saved: Because no large holes are needed, your lawn and landscape will be safe from digging. The time and money you have put into your lawn will be saved. Everyone know just how hard it is to get the lawn looking perfect, and not having to destroy it is an added bonus.

3. Less downtime for your family: We all know that living without a working toilet can be very difficult for a family. Having to go to the neighbor’s just to use the restroom can be difficult and not very convenient. But with trenchless sewer line repair, your system will be fixed in as little as one single day. Once workers get started repairing your drain, you can use it within a few hours of completion. This is great news for both you and your family members.

4. You will save money on labor: The process of trenchless sewer line repair requires less labor which in turn will save you tons of money. Just a few technicians are needed for the process and they can quickly do the job. Additionally, you will save money because you will have very low excavation costs and you will not need to spend money on replacing your lawn.

5. It lasts a very long time: Trenchless sewer repair will provide you with an epoxy lining that won’t rust and crack under pressure. This means you will not have to worry about dealing with sewer issues for many years to come.

6. You will add additional value to your home: Having a good working sewer pipe drain means that your home will be worth more if placed on the market. When potential buyers find out that you have spent time and money on fixing your sewer drain, they will be more likely to buy. This will give them one less thing to worry about down the road. It will also allow you to ask for a larger asking price.

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