Sewer Pipe and Drain Cleaning

The majority of people don’t spend time thinking about sewer pipes and where their waste goes once it’s been drained or flushed away. That’s a luxury that comes with modern day plumbing. Out of sight, out of mind. Here at Vietzke Trenchless though, we want you to start thinking about it a little bit more.

All too often we see problems arise simply because there isn’t much direction when it comes to understanding your sewer pipe, drain cleaning, or how the two go hand in hand. Sit back, relax, and let us give you the information you deserve.

Sewer Pipe

Simply put, sewer pipes are the pipes in your drainage system that carry waste to treatment centers. They aren’t pretty and they aren’t exactly dinner conversation. We get it. They’re downright disgusting. But when a sewer pipe is at peak performance, it’s really not something to be grossed out about.

Sewer pipes that are well taken care of allow for an easy, out of sight, and sanitary disposal of waste. When left unattended, sewer pipes can become clogged and lead to sewage backups. Something we’re sure you don’t want to deal with. Similarly, by not taking care of your sewer pipes, you risk falling victim to naturally occurring problems such as aged, corroded, and collapsed sewer pipes.


Drains are simple enough: you see them every day in your kitchen, your bathroom, your laundry room, etc. In fact, we’re willing to bet you don’t give them a second thought until there’s a clog or backup making you pay attention to them. Most people in those instances resort to convenient store bought products, send them down the drain, and consider the problem handled. Effective draining cleaning is not that simple though.

Over time, store bought cleaners pose a risk for corrosion. On top of that, everything before and after you treat your drains with store bought cleaner is still being sent into your sewer pipes. Waste doesn’t disappear, it builds up.

Sewer Pipe and Drain Cleaning

The most effective way to prevent costly repairs from uncleaned sewer pipes and drains is to be one step ahead of those problems. Preventative maintenance is the best course of action. When it comes to drain cleaning, snaking and cabling are generally the best way to remove obstructions in your pipes. For more severe instances, water jetting is used.

Now when it comes to sewer lines and drainpipes, video inspection is a great way to be ahead of problem causing obstructions. It can also identify structural issues before they become larger problems as well. These problems include cracks in the pipes and naturally occurring obstructions such as tree roots and more.

Routinely inspecting and cleaning your sewer pipe and drains is the easiest way to prevent them from being compromised. When you rely on professionals to take care of that maintenance, you really get the benefit of having peace of mind. Being proactive and preventative is always easier to deal with than sewage back ups or total pipeline repair.

Sooner is better than later; give Vietzke Trenchless a call at 509-244-9607. Our friendly professionals are dedicated to your total satisfaction and ready to help ensure your sewer pipes are in good health and your drains are cleaned the right way.

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