Sewer Line Repair Needed? We Got You Covered!

3 Top Signs That I Need Sewer Line Repair

Severely clogged or damaged sewer lines are serious plumbing issues that should be identified and taken care of as soon as possible. Many Spokane homeowners dread the mere thought of the difficulty, time, and cost associated with sewer line repair.

Fortunately, plumbing experts like those at Trenchless Sewer Repair can provide homeowners with top-quality and cost-effective sewer line repair. But before the professionals are called in, there are signs homeowners can look for to ensure the need for sewer line repair.

Check the Drains

Sinks, tubs, and showers that do not drain properly are good indicators that there may be problems with your home’s sewer line.

This is especially true if you have noticed signs of clogging in multiple drains and have failed to solve the problem with the use of drain cleaners.

If you suspect a problem with you sewer line, it is best not to use drain cleaners at all. The chemicals in these cleaners could cause further damage to the line. If you have drain issues that won’t seem to go away, your home’s sewer line may be damaged.

What’s That Smell?

The smell of sewage is another sign that your Spokane home’s sewer line may be in need of repair. If a sewage odor is present anywhere in or around your home, call the professionals immediately.

Think Outside the Box

One of the best indicators that your home’s sewer line is need of repair can be found outside the home. The presence of standing water or soft soil near the location of the sewer pipe, along with the smell of sewage, likely mean that there is a leak or break present.

Never ignore the signs of damaged or clogged sewer lines. As with any plumbing issue, the sooner the problem is taken care the better. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your plumbing or you suspect sewer line damage for any reason, do not hesitate to call on the experts.

A damaged or clogged sewer line does not have to be a headache or break your bank. Trenchless Sewer Repair is here to provide fast, friendly, and affordable plumbing services. Let us help you today.

If you’re experiencing any sewer line issues in the Spokane, WA area, call Vietzke Trenchless Inc. at 509-244-9607 today, and get the best experts on the job.

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