See What a Sewer Line Video Inspection Can Do for You

The Benefits of Sewer Line Video Inspection

When a Spokane household’s sewer lines constantly clog and leak, both the interior and exterior of the property can be affected. Residents normally call a sewer company for an evaluation in these cases.

However, old-fashioned sewer line inspection techniques usually require extensive digging and property displacement to simply find the problem.

Currently, trenchless sewer repair professionals use video camera inspections to pinpoint system problems with accuracy at every appointment.

The Basic Concept

Video camera inspections are relatively simple concepts with far-reaching effects. Technicians run a long line into a sewer pipe with a small camera attached to the end. This camera sends back clear pictures to a small monitor that effectively documents the sewer line’s interior walls.

The camera picture is so clear that the technicians can see hairline fractures along the surfaces as well as major cracks. When a camera encounters any damage, the technician can document the exact location within the sewer line for future reference during repair procedures.

When the inspection process is complete, the technician simply retracts the camera from the sewer line.

Seamless Troubleshooting

In the past, sewer technicians used to resort to digging through yards when verifying any sewer line damages. Workers literally dug down to the line and inspected it in person from above. At times, technicians had to remove concrete driveways to complete their inspection process.

However, even this inspection method had its limits because workers could only see the pipe’s exterior surface. If any interior areas were damaged, they could be missed entirely.

Video camera inspections provide an intimate view of the sewer line without disrupting the entire property with extensive trenching.

Labor Costs Dramatically Reduced

As a result of today’s camera technology, residents enjoy reduced labor rates during sewer line inspections. Contractors don’t have to spend the extra time to unearth the sewer line in the first place.

They simply reveal an access point along an inconspicuous area to thread the camera into the pipe. Labor rates for any professional work can be a considerable cost for residents, so any reduction is beneficial for both parties.

In the end, technicians can perform more inspections and fix plenty of sewer lines while pleasing their customers with low-cost pricing.

In most cases, professionals suggest that Spokane homeowners should have their sewer lines inspected at least once a year. These preventive maintenance appointments allow workers to see if any minor issues are developing over time.

Repair technicians can then fix the small issues before they develop into serious household problems.

Want more information on sewer line video inspection in your Spokane, WA area? Call Vietzke Trenchless Inc. today at 509-244-9607!

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