Pipe Issues Common During
Winter in Washington

trenchless pipe lining in Spokane, WA

Take comfort in knowing you can turn to Vietzke Trenchless for trenchless pipe lining in Spokane, WA and other alternatives to excavation. But the need for these services isn't limited to the warmer months of the year. In fact, there are some pipe issues that tend to be common during winter in Washington. We discuss these issues below.

Frozen Pipes

Both water and sewer lines can be affected by frigid temps during the colder months in Spokane, WA, and nearby areas. If you don't act quickly, frozen pipes could burst or break. With situations like this, we may suggest trenchless sewer replacement if there is a need to fully replace the damaged pipe.


If you're not careful about preventing clogs, you could need trenchless pipe repair because of related damage. This is a winter issue because of the extra drain use that's common during the holidays. Having your drains cleaned seasonally or annually is one way to mitigate this issue.

Blocked Outdoor Drains

Leaves leftover from the fall coupled with winter snow and rain and freeze/thaw cycles can take a toll on your outdoor drains. If your drains end up blocked, you may have foundation damage or even basement flooding to deal with. During winter, take time to periodically check your outdoor drains for signs of a clog.

Problems with Tree Root Damage

Trenchless pipe lining may be discussed if your pipes are damaged by tree roots. This can happen during winter in Washington as roots spread to find moisture. Mitigate this issue by being mindful of where your trees are located on your property in relation to your underground pipes.

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Vietzke Trenchless is your trusted source for trenchless sewer repair and repair. However, you can also help keep your pipes in tip-top shape during winter with routine inspections and drain cleanings.

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