Is Trenchless Repair An Option for Your Pipes?

Trenchless pipe repair

The different types of pipe repair methods are traditional excavation methods and minimally invasive solutions. Being informed on when each method suits your situation is essential in preventing further damage and incurring higher costs. Trenchless pipe repair methods include pipe bursting, mechanical spot repair, and cured-in-place pipe. When you need a top local company for trenchless services, trust only Vietzke Trenchless. Our experts offer outstanding services without breaking the bank.

So, is trenchless repair an option for you? It can be if:

  • Your Sewer Pipes Are Still in Good Condition
  • Not Extensively Damaged
  • Has Yet to Collapse Completely

Is trenchless repair ideal for you?

No digging - If you are planning to have us repair your pipes without affecting the integrity of your land, trenchless methods are the answer. Traditional excavation methods take days to dig and locate the problem before it can be fixed. However, trenchless pipe replacement involves no digging. The exclusion of excavation makes trenchless methods less destructive to your property, quick, and less costly compared with traditional excavation methods.


Tree roots can cause immense damage to your sewer pipes. If you have tree root-invaded pipes then, the best option is trenchless sewer replacement. Trenchless methods ensure damaged pipes are replaced without digging and exposing sewage content. After replacement, the busted pipes are left underground and therefore do not end up in landfills. 

In addition, trenchless pipe lining involves the use of a material that ensures durability and toughness, which makes it hard for tree roots to invade the pipes.


Trenchless methods are extensively used because of their success in repairing and replacing damaged pipes. If you have frequently clogging, leaking, or broken pipes, it is time to contact us for trenchless sewer repair or replacement to rehabilitate your damaged pipeline.

Vietzke Trenchless offers exceptional services in trenchless repairs and replacement. We have the best equipment for trenchless pipe lining in Spokane Valley, WA, and nearby areas. Contact our team by calling us or filling out the online form.

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