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How Vietzke Trenchless Restores Your Orangeburg Pipes with Trenchless Technology

Orangeburg pipes were a popular pipeline material in the past, but with the advancements in technology and materials, these pipes have been phased out for a variety of reasons

The Implementation Of Orangeburg Pipes

If your home has Orangeburg pipes, they are probably due for some restoration. These types of pipes were installed in homes until 1970, so if you own a home that is at least 30 years old, chances are this pipe system will be outdated and need to be repaired or replaced. It’s very important to be aware of this because Orangeburg pipes are made up of just wood pulp and pitch, leaving it to absorb water over time and become brittle. While these pipes were once cost-efficient, the potential damage will not be. If a pipe were to begin to leak or even burst, the injury to your home could result in expensive solutions and even a temporary hold on living in your home.

How Vietzke Trenchless Does Orangeburg Pipe Repairs

Luckily, Vietzke Trenchless has a timely and efficient method to restore your Orangeburg pipe. Our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method does not require us to excavate large portions of your yard or parts of your home that make it charming. All we need is a small access point to get started. Once that is created, we inserted an inflatable tube that is covered with a flexible resin. One end of the lining is sealed shut, while the other end is placed into an inversion tank that forces the resin side of the lining against the pipe walls. It easily adjusts to the size and shape of the original Orangeburg pipe, so you don’t have to worry about a decrease in your water flow. As this cures, it hardens into a brand new pipe. 

Our CIPP liner is able to replace your old Orangeburg pipe with one that is state-of-the-art. It smooths over cracks and abrasions and can be used for virtually any depth of pipe. And this is a service that can generally be done within one day, so there’s a little inconvenience for you.

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